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Tia Mowry makes weight-gain body-shaming a positive thing (PHOTO)

Mowry isn’t pregnant, she’s just happy.

Mowry, of Sister, Sister fame, addressed the rumors that she might have a bun in the oven after social media followers noted that she looked a little fuller than usual.

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But Mowry wasn’t having any of the insensitive comments. Still, instead of getting upset, Mowry managed to turn the negative into a hilariously perfect positive with an Instagram photo all women in the spotlight should have on hand for those moments they decide to indulge and enjoy.

Just yesterday, Mowry addressed the rumors again during an interview with HuffPost Live.

“I am not pregnant, I am just happy. I’ve gained these extra 10 [or] 15 pounds because of my cooking show,” she explained. “I’m just enjoying life, and when I want to drop the pounds, I will, but right now I’m happy with who I am.”

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She added, “But it is a form of body-shaming, I will say that, and it’s pretty unfortunate… We live in a society that is so obsessed with being perfect… why can’t we just be us?

“We need to be more supportive with body images, especially with women, showing that all sizes are beautiful,” Mowry continued. “And I’m talking about in magazines, advertisement[s] in regard to what’s sexy and what’s not sexy. We all need to be a little more supportive of each other. I think if we start there, we’ll see a difference.”

Mowry shared some of the positive responses to her interview on Instagram.

And Mowry is spot-on with her message. Women’s weight fluctuates naturally, and we should be allowed to gain a few pounds here and there without fear that people are going to start nit-picking and poking at our bodies. It’s the holidays! If there’s ever a season to eat cookies, drink sugary warm beverages and indulge in as many fried foods as we want, it’s now. We get to make the decision about our weight, and society shouldn’t make the decisions about our bodies.

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Mowry looks amazing, and her food looks just as good.

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