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The Mindy Project: Why Mindy’s heartbreaking decision is the right one

So far, Season 4 of The Mindy Project hasn’t been the easiest for Mindy and Danny. From Danny wanting Mindy to have more children to Mindy wanting to focus on just her one child, Leo, and her career, the beloved couple has had a lot of ups and downs within their relationship. As showcased in the midseason finale, it looks like Mindy’s made her decision regarding her love life and her career.

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The episode, appropriately titled “When Mindy Met Danny,” flashed back to the moment Mindy and Danny met. The flashbacks also intertwined with present-day moments, featuring Mindy advocating why following her career dreams are so important and Danny trying to once again persuade Mindy why having more children is the way to go.

By the episode’s end, Mindy took the advice Danny gave her back in 2007 when they first became acquainted with one another. He told her, “Don’t ever let anyone try to stop you from doing what you want. Not even me.” If that isn’t enough, when Mindy first moved into her office, Danny said if the huge armoire she’d ordered fit into her office, they’d take it as “a sign from the universe” that she should stay and work at the practice.

Mindy Lahiri
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After reflecting on all those moments, Mindy took matters into her own hands and decided to measure Leo’s crib, just like Danny measured her armoire. She then visited her old apartment, took measurements of her former closet and guess what — Leo’s crib will fit. Is it a sign from the universe that Mindy should take Leo, leave Danny and follow her dreams? Based on Mindy’s breakdown in her apartment and the fact that she removed the “For Sale” sign from the window, that’s sure what it looks like. Mindy soon returned back to Danny’s and crawled into bed with him, where a look of solace overcame her face. It seems Mindy realizes she is making the right choice — for herself and for Leo.

It’s unclear if Mindy will truly move back into her old place with Leo and leave Danny behind, but I have a feeling her decision is made.

As heartbreaking a decision as that may be, and as hard as it was to watch Mindy cry on the floor of Leo’s possible soon-to-be nursery, I wholeheartedly believe at this point that the right choice is to break up with Danny and focus on what she keeps telling him she wants.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the biggest Mindy and Danny shippers you will ever meet. Since Season 1, I’ve been rooting for the two to get together. Every time they shared a moment on an airplane and every time Danny danced for Mindy, I became weak in the knees. However, so much has changed, especially since they became engaged and had Leo.

It’s not like Mindy’s making a hasty decision. As illustrated in the midseason finale, Mindy and Danny’s arguments about what she should or shouldn’t do spanned an entire month and just in time for Christmas. Plus, time and time again, Mindy has passionately voiced how strongly she does not want another child (at least at this point) and how much she wants to focus on her career. Rightfully so, Danny is entitled to his own opinion and feelings, but it’s reached a point where he is just being beyond unsupportive of Mindy. He has yet to budge or compromise, which speaks volumes.

When The Mindy Project returns, if Mindy chooses to give single motherhood a chance, the time apart from Danny will be good. It might give Danny some perspective and he might finally understand what Mindy’s been telling him all along. Plus, Mindy staying with Danny wouldn’t be healthy, and something obviously needs to change. Clearly, that’s not going to be Danny.

It’s time for Mindy to think about her happiness and what is best for herself and Leo. If you’re not happy with yourself, your relationship won’t work and you will truly be unhappy. That’s exactly what will happen if Mindy stays and gives in to Danny, which will most definitely never happen. Finally, it’s better for Mindy and Danny to split now, rather than rush into a marriage that is doomed from the beginning.

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Will Mindy and Danny end up together? I truly hope so, but only if Danny can change for the better and be supportive of Mindy’s wants and needs. If not, then Mindy and Danny don’t belong together, which pains me to even write.

With that said, let’s give The Mindy Project a round of applause for presenting real struggles when it comes to motherhood and showing why mothers too can follow their dreams.

The Mindy Project returns to Hulu sometime in 2016.

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