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Vanderpump Rules: 5 Signs James Kennedy used Kristen Doute for fame

Not sure what’s going on, but in the past few episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Doute has seemed… sane. Perhaps it’s because she’s been juxtaposed against her former British DJ boyfriend Kennedy, but she doesn’t seem like she’s going to lose it at any given moment anymore.

Both Doute and former Sur employee Stassi Schroeder appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, and from the looks of things, Doute is no dummy when it comes to Kennedy. When asked by Andy Cohen if she thinks Kennedy just used her to get on Vanderpump Rules, Doute says, “Yes. A million percent I think James used me to get on the show.”

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If you’ve seen four minutes of Vanderpump Rules this season, it’s doubtful anyone is going to argue with that. Doute and Kennedy’s relationship was a hot mess that left most people saying, “Huh? Why on earth are these people together?”

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Doute has admitted that Kennedy was just a rebound relationship after she and Tom Sandoval broke up. And she — thankfully — now knows that Kennedy was just with her for the fame. It may not have seemed super obvious at first, but here are five signs Kennedy was totally using Doute for a little reality TV notoriety.

1. He cheated on her and didn’t have an ounce of remorse

james kennedy
Image: Bravo

A few episodes back, Kennedy actually sat down with his “girlfriend” and told her that he drunkenly kissed a girl one night and was incredibly sorry. But then he bragged and laughed about it on camera. Classy.

2. He was always talking crap about her

Not only did Kennedy have no problem talking smack about Doute to the Bravo cameras, evidently he did it to his friends, also. Kennedy recently tweeted about how Schroeder could talk all the crap she wanted to about him, but “Kristen talked about how much she hates her every night as if they were bedtime stories.” But, then another Sur employee, Katie Maloney, put him in his place. Suck it!

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3. He’s flat-out said that he’d chose his DJ career over her

I mean. Does it get any more obvious than that?

4. He was never a good boyfriend to Doute

james kennedy
Image: james kennedy

Since they’ve broken up, Doute has revealed that not only is she ashamed she ever dated him, but that he treated her poorly throughout their relationship. Doute actually referred to Kennedy as her “not awesome ex-boyfriend.”

5. He never heeded Doute’s advice… even though it wasn’t bad

kristen doute
Image: Tumblr

Doute admits that she’s made a jackass of herself on television and that she wasn’t always the nicest person. She claims that she tried to learn from her mistakes and attempted to teach Kennedy, who’s also acted like a jackass on TV, to do the same. But nope. He didn’t care. “I know what it’s like firsthand to kind of make a jerk out of yourself on national television, and in real life, and make these bad decisions and horrible mistakes and lie and treat people unkindly,” Doute revealed. “It’s something I really tried to teach him along the way, as my boyfriend, as one my best friends, as the new cast member. And clearly, he didn’t listen to anything I said, so, karma!” Clearly, Kennedy was a man with an agenda.

So, yeah. Karma.

Do you think Kennedy used Doute?

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