Après Ski: Why Elise isn’t getting fired from Gibbons Life anytime soon

This might come as a shock to Après Ski viewers, but Elise caused a bigger stir during Monday’s episode. When she wasn’t comforting Kendra after her grandmother died, Elise was busy talking disrespectfully to both Tamara and Joey. Who talks back to their boss like that? As talented as Elise is, there is no reason for that kind of behavior.

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Tamara sat down with each member of the concierge team to hear their issues and problems. The main one being a person: Elise. With that said, Tamara wanted to make sure Elise had the opportunity to tell her side of the story, especially after Jim sat down with Joey. Tamara thought that was best and only fair. Actually, a few times Tamara said she’s rooting for Elise and doesn’t trust Jim.

However, during the meeting with Tamara and Joey, Elise talked down to Tamara, was completely disrespectful and created such negative energy that Joey said that’s something he can’t have as part of his team. Rather than letting Elise go right there on the spot, Joey told her he would chat with Tamara about everything.

Well, at episode’s end, Elise apologized to Tamara, but does this mean Elise is or isn’t getting fired? Unfortunately, fans have to wait until next Monday’s episode to find out Elise’s fate. I have a feeling I know how this will all play out. Tamara will critique Elise, tell her things need to change and give her a second chance. I bet Tamara also informs Elise that if there is no improvement on her end, then she’ll probably get the boot.

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There’s no way Elise is getting fired just yet. Even if you don’t respect Elise as a manager, you have to admit there would be no Après Ski without her. The show would just be about a big group of smiling people making rich people happy. Elise brings the drama and makes the show interesting.


See? I’m not the only one who believes Elise will be sticking around Whistler. Now let’s see if she can live up to Tamara and Joey’s standards.

Après Ski airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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