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The Voice: Gwen Stefani’s 5 strangest looks

Gwen Stefani has attracted a lot of negative attention as of late due to her penchant for changing Braiden Sunshine and Korin Bukowski’s appearance. However, fans of The Voice have not forgotten how much Stefani enjoys switching up her own look.

Although her style has always been unique, Stefani’s wardrobe and hair have been especially out there of late. These are just a few of the many odd looks she’s exhibited on The Voice.

1. Asymmetrical hair and polka dots

Gwen Hair Swoop
Image: NBC

This is the ultimate in asymmetry. One arm is bare while the other is covered in red dots. A few critics claimed that her outfit featured way too much red, for not only did she have red dots on her top, she wore red leather pants and sat on a big red chair with a big red button.

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2. Gwen meets Tron

Gwen Slicked Back
Image: NBC

When Stefani wore this memorable getup, fans were largely split as to whether they thought it was a good look. It’s by no means the most outlandish of Stefani’s styles, but it does seem a bit severe for The Voice.

3. A major case of bedhead

Gwen Bedhead
Image: NBC

Stefani seems to have a thing for hairstyles that probably take a fair amount of effort but ultimately end up looking sloppy. Stefani might have pulled off the ‘do with a more casual outfit, but instead, she selected an ensemble that reminded viewers of Black Swan.

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4. A denim jumpsuit straight out of 1992

Gwen and Taylor
Image: NBC

There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia, but if Stefani really wanted to revisit ’90s style, she could have chosen something with a bit less denim. The getup would have been strange enough on its own, but it especially looked unfortunate next to Taylor Swift’s sleek black outfit.

5. Cindy Lou Who — just in time for the holidays

Gwen Braids
Image: NBC

Tonight, Stefani caused quite the uproar with her weird hairdo. Braids alone would have been unusual, but not too big of a deal, as would a messy bun. But the two hairstyles definitely should not have been combined. The end result was an outlandish and very unflattering look.

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Every week, several fans of The Voice speak ill of Stefani’s outfit or hairstyle. This week, however, the critics were even more vocal than usual. She was compared to everybody from Legolas to Cindy Lou Who. Highlighted below are a few of the more amusing tweets of the evening.

Stefani’s wardrobe is weird, but it’s also entertaining. It might actually be disappointing to return to Christina Aguilera’s cleavage-baring outfits next season! Until then, viewers will be keeping a close eye on Stefani’s constantly evolving wardrobe.

What did you think of Gwen Stefani’s crazy hairdo on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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