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Vanderpump Rules: 6 Reasons Lala needs to stay away from Jax

Oh, Lala, you have no idea what you’re in for when it comes to Jax. During Monday night’s episode, things went awry for Lala and James after he slept with and received bruises and scratches from another SUR hostess named Lauren. Clearly, that was music to Jax’s ears as his masterful plan of pushing Lala into his arms finally happened. That’s right; Lala and Jax walked off into the SUR sunset holding hands.

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Who knows what will happen between the two, but I have advice for Lala: Run! Seriously, run as fast as you can, because Jax is not the answer. He doesn’t make a great rebound, at least for Lala. If she gets upset with James for his lies and antics, Lala is not going to be able to deal with Jax. James might be trying to be the new Jax Taylor, but Jax is the OG. There’s no doubt Lala can handle whatever James and Jax throw her way, but she shouldn’t have to, nor does she deserve it.

With that said, here are a few reasons why Lala needs to stay away from Jax. I’m not saying they can’t be friends, but romantically and intimately, he’s not good for her. Here’s solid proof.

1. He’s a compulsive liar

If Lala hates James’ lying, then she is in for a real treat with Jax. He majored in compulsive lying and will go above and beyond to keep the truth from her, whatever that entails.

2. He’ll toss Lala to the curb in a heartbeat

After he “conquers” Lala, Jax will move on to someone else. Based on next Monday’s promo, it sure looks like he’s running back to Brittany. Even though Lala is just looking for fun, all the so-called fun she had with James ended horribly. Let’s all imagine how her “fun” with Jax might end up.

3. Jax loves SUR drama

As Jax put it, Lala definitely got her “PhD in SUR,” which she didn’t like one bit. Well, if she hangs around Jax long enough it’ll be part of her daily lifestyle.

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4. He’ll mess with her head

Jax knows how to twist things and really mess with someone’s head. Lala, heed this warning: Don’t fall for his tricks and/or games.

5. Two names: James and Stassi

Not only will Lala have to deal with Jax’s ridiculousness, but James will surely give her a difficult time. Not to mention, once Stassi returns, she’ll most likely make Lala’s business her own.

6. She can do so much better

Enough said.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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