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Coco, Ice-T slammed for posting baby pics amid exploitation claims (PHOTOS)

Coco and Ice-T are ready to share their new baby with the world.

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Their daughter, Chanel Nicole, was born Nov. 28, and after the long wait of pregnancy, Coco has made it pretty clear that she’s over-the-moon excited to be a first-time mom.

But the way she’s deciding to show it? That’s drawing some hate from fans, followers and other parents. When baby Chanel was only a day old, Coco made the newborn her own Twitter and Instagram accounts, and has been regularly sharing photos and updates with around 200,000 followers on each.

It’s a cute idea in theory. It allows Coco and Ice-T to share their baby’s growth with their fans, many of whom would love to watch the new family grow up. And it keeps all those baby photos and updates in one place, where it could be really fun to look at them later.

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But are the stars going too far when it comes to invading their new daughter’s privacy? Celebrities already sacrifice a lot of their ability to lead normal, private lives just by being famous and, in turn, they end up making that sacrifice for their kids, as well. But some celebs have worked hard to keep their children out of the public eye until those children are old enough to decide for themselves whether fame is a lifestyle they want to pursue. Coco and Ice-T are doing the exact opposite.

Amid claims from some followers, Ice-T took to Twitter to fire back at those who are saying he and his wife are exploiting their child.

And amid the firestorm, Coco has continued to share photos, videos and updates on Chanel’s social media accounts, including a recent video taken behind the scenes at the baby’s first photo shoot, showing Chanel cuddled up to her mom’s bare chest.

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Do you think Coco and Ice-T are going too far to put their newborn in the spotlight? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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