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5 Times Kris Jenner proved she was queen of trap queens

Jenner is not your average mom, and she’s proving that once again with LOVE magazine’s annual Advent calendar.

Jenner flaunted her body in a swimsuit for day seven of the calendar, and in the coinciding video set to the tune of “Trap Queen,” as as seen above. But this isn’t the first time she’s lived up to the title – which Urban Dictionary explains as “a bomb-ass female. Baddest female. She is loyal to her friends, lives for her family and gives no fucks to bitter, petty bitches.” Lots of profanities there, but you get the point. Here are five more times she’s proved she’s a true trap queen.

1. When she stands up for her family

Jenner has proven that family is her No. 1 priority countless times. Between her constant support for Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom and her endless concern for her son Rob, she’s made it very clear that she always has her loved ones’ backs. Most recently, she expressed her support for Scott Disick, taking to Instagram to write a caring message for the father of her grandkids.

That compassion clearly doesn’t go unappreciated. Her daughters helped make the above video message for her recent 60th birthday.

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2. When she’s there for her friends

Jenner is devoted and loyal to her tight-knit group of friends. Case in point? In August, Jenner wrote a lovely and supportive note for celebrity pal Kathie Lee Gifford’s 62nd birthday, and what would have been her late husband’s Frank Gifford’s 85th birthday. “Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Kathie Lee….” she wrote via Instagram, alongside a snap of the longtime friends grinning and embracing each other outdoors. “I wish you peace and understanding. I know it’s Franks [sic] birthday today too. I wish I was there with you today. Big hug my angel.”

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3. When she makes time for her fans — even celebrity ones

Jenner often takes time to talk to and thank her fans via social media. And she’s racked up a number of celebrity admirers too. Both Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence are self-proclaimed Jenner fans, as evidenced by these Instagram snapshots

4. When she shuts down haters

Like any true trap queen, Jenner has as many haters as she does fans, but she doesn’t let them get to her. After she and the rest of her family shared their feelings about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition in the two-part special Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce, she received some flak from the public accusing her of saving her commentary for her own show. “Everyone loves to jump to conclusions you know? Haters are gonna hate!” she said at the time.

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5. When she doesn’t care what people think

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching her on TV all these years, it’s that Jenner really doesn’t let public opinion sway her from doing what she wants — whether that means having a younger boyfriend, throwing a million-dollar birthday party or twerking in front of daughter Kylie. While that attitude may make for some pretty cringe-worthy moments sometimes, it’s also part of why so many people love her. Hey, you have to have some serious confidence to pull this look off:

Kris Jenner LOVE Magazine
Image: LOVE Magazine/YouTube

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