Charlie Sheen hits back at ex’s lawsuit with a shocking claim

Charlie Sheen is firing back at his ex, shooting down one of the most explosive accusations in Brett Rossi’s lawsuit against him.

In court docs filed last week, Rossi claimed Sheen physically and verbally abused her, hid his HIV status until long after they began a sexual relationship and forced her to get an abortion — but Sheen’s camp says it is all a lie.

In fact, a friend of Sheen’s says the star does not believe she was ever pregnant in the first place, let alone terminated a pregnancy.

“Charlie believes the entire baby claim was a total lie,” an insider told Radar Online.

“Did she ever even have an abortion? She left Charlie’s house one morning — came back a few hours later — and announced to Charlie that she’d had an abortion. There was no paperwork, no receipt, or no discussion beforehand. It’s suspicious.

“Charlie’s legal team intend on pursuing this aggressively in defense of the lawsuit in an effort to prove Scottine fabricated the entire situation,” the source added.

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Rossi claims in the suit that when he was drinking, Sheen “became violent and abusive and uncontrollable,” saying that he once dragged her “out of the room by her arms… violently shaking her while screaming obscenities at her” and “screamed at her, pushed her, cornered her, broke items in and around their home, threw items from their bedroom out the balcony window and into the pool, and shook her…”

However, Sheen’s pal said it was actually the other way around.

“Charlie was forced to restrain her on one occasion and he prevented her from hurting him or herself,” the source said.

“These allegations have only surfaced since Charlie started dating other women after their breakup. She is jealous. Friends have told Charlie that Scottine is his Fatal Attraction.”

Sheen, who already blasted the lawsuit through his lawyer Marty Singer, reportedly plans to file a formal legal response in court this week.

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