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5 Teen Mom 2 spoilers for Season 7

A lot has changed since the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 finale and reunion aired on MTV. The lives of the show’s stars are changing quickly, and not all of these changes are positive. Highlighted below are a few intriguing spoilers for Season 7.

1. Nathan Griffith engaged?

Recently, Evans’ ex posted a series of Instagram photos that made fans of Teen Mom 2 think that he might be on his third engagement in one year (he was previously engaged to Evans twice). In the suspicious picture, his girlfriend appeared to be wearing an engagement ring. He has since denied the rumors, but chances are, viewers will hear a lot about the new lady in his life when Teen Mom 2 returns.

Jenelle Evans
Image: MTV

2. Jenelle Evans finds a new boy toy

Griffith has moved on from his disastrous relationship, but he’s not the only one to pursue romance with somebody else; Evans now has a new boyfriend named David Eason. Like the other men in Evans’ life, this guy doesn’t exactly have a good history. Thus, despite Griffith largely being out of the picture, the relationship drama probably isn’t over for Evans.

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3. Jenelle Evans quits Teen Mom 2

Angry about Griffith’s alleged engagement and the shift in focus she’s observed on Teen Mom 2, Evans has announced on Twitter that she’s done with the show… for now. This is by no means the first time a Teen Mom 2 star has claimed to quit, so viewers fully expect to see more of Evans when the new season arrives.

Leah and Corey
Image: MTV

4. Leah Messer loses custody

In previous episodes of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms made it obvious that he doubted Leah Messer’s ability to take care of the twins. He has since decided to take action, obtaining custody of the kids. Now, Messer is limited to weekend visitation. Messer is heartbroken, but she also is furious, as she believes that her ex “will do anything” to hurt her.

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5. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer get engaged

If there’s one Teen Mom 2 relationship that seems capable of going the distance, it’s Houska and DeBoer’s. Fans were recently pleased to learn of the adorable couple’s engagement. Houska’s Teen Mom 2 storyline sometimes feels a bit stale, but wedding planning will certainly add interest to the show. Who knows — the wedding may be in a future episode of Teen Mom 2 and Pete the Pig just might be their ring bearer. A few fans believe that the big day has already happened — they think that the latest Houska Instagram photos captioned “#DeBoersDoVieques” highlight a honeymoon, as opposed to an ordinary vacation.

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