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NeNe Leakes reveals which The View host was the rudest to her (VIDEO)

NeNe Leakes is continuing to throw shade at The View co-hosts following her awkward interview on Nov. 17.

But her comments might not be unfounded.

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“I felt like they were not kind to me,” Leakes told Andy Cohen during her recent interview on Watch What Happens Live. “I just, honestly, they weren’t kind.”

And she said it wasn’t just co-host Joy Behar who was a problem.

“It was more than Joy. Now Joy definitely was throwing a lot of shade,” Leakes revealed, “but there was someone else on the panel that threw shade as well. As far as looking me up and down. We were live, so as far as what the camera shot or shown, I don’t know. It didn’t show everything, but I can tell you that there were a couple of people on that panel who were very shady.”

“You’re talking about Raven-Symoné,” Cohen said blatantly.

To which Leakes flipped her hair and replied not-so-coyly, “Oh, probably.”

“She was looking you up and down?” Cohen continued to ask following the confirmation.

“Real nastylike,” Leakes confirmed.

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She added, “I didn’t like that because, look, first of all, I was invited to their show. I was there to promote Chicago and other things. They asked me to bring pictures of my home there, and I brought the pictures they asked me to bring. And they just weren’t kind. They did not have nice manners.”

You can check out the full clip from Leakes’ interview with Cohen below.

The feud between Leakes and The View co-hosts started when Leakes walked out, and Behar immediately accused her of injuring her with Leakes’ hefty wedding ring.

Behar also questioned her about her divorce and remarriage to Gregg Leakes, which made Leakes uncomfortable since she wasn’t there to discuss her personal life in that way.

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Behar also threw shade at Leakes later on for her apparent friendship with Donald Trump.

Following the appearance, according to Us Weekly, Leakes tweeted, “Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong.”

The outlet reports that Leakes then deleted the tweet, but that hasn’t stopped her from throwing shade at the panel of hosts since.

Check out a clip from Leakes’ The View appearance below.

Do you think NeNe Leakes was justified in calling out the hosts of The View as “mean girls”?

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