18 Best Rap Songs for Kids: A Complete, Toddler-Friendly Playlist

9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert

A song with a beat and a message: Macklemore and Mary Lambert advocating for marriage equality. You’ll feel good about sharing this one with your kids. Maybe it will even spark a much-needed conversation with your children — yet one that’s hard to segue into — about some very important subjects.

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10. Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”

Word to your mother. Good luck keeping your son from wanting a flattop now.

11. Estelle — “1980”

Our girl Estelle, generally an R&B artist, brings her coming-of-age tale into the rap category with this great track that has passion, intimacy and some pretty great lyrics.

12. Lupe Fiasco — “Kick Push”

This Grammy-nominated song has all the trademarks of Lupe Fiasco’s easily recognizable sound and tells the tale of a lovesick skater who gets quite the surprise when he realizes his love interest is a better skater than he is.

13. Common — “Come Close” featuring Mary J. Blige

Common always has a place in our hearts, but there’s no way you can’t love the twist at the end of this video. It’s also a great song to share with your kids — as are many of Common’s songs, if you’ve got older tweens and teens.

14. TLC — “What About Your Friends”

Always a crowd-pleaser. We dare you to try not to sing along with this oldie but goodie. Hairbrush karaoke material right here.

15. Dessa — “Fighting Fish”

Probably one you’ve never heard of. With a few adult words right at the beginning, this might be tween and up, but it is definitely still one you can feel safe sharing with your kids.

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16. Estelle — “American Boy” featuring Kanye West

Didn’t think you could listen to Kayne with your kids?

17. De La Soul — “Me, Myself and I”

This was the jam back in the ’90s, and it will make you wonder why you ever stopped listening to old-school hip-hop.

18. The Black Eyed Peas — “I Gotta Feeling”

Another toe-tapper you’re gonna love to share. Upbeat, and it might just be the perfect thing to get you and your kids up and out the door in the morning.


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