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33 Kid-Friendly Rap Songs Your Family Dance Party Needs Right Now


10. Rob Base and DJ Eazy Rock — “It Takes Two”

This song has always made me think of pogo sticks (remember those) because it makes me want to bounce up and down over and over.

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11. Run DMC — “It’s Tricky”

Memorizing Run DMC lyrics will only ever add to your life. Truth.

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12. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch — “Good Vibrations”

This song begs, no it demands, that you roll the windows down and crank the stereo up. Always has, always will.

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13. Heavy D and the Boyz — “Now That We Found Love”

A dance cover of The O’Jays smash from 1973, this song took on a whole new lease on life when it released in 1991 and it still sounds as fun today as it did then and then.

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14. Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone to argue for the merits of this song artistically, but it’s a part of us all now. And I, for one, have decided I’m going to use the phrase “Stop, collaborate and listen” throughout the remote learning day. I’ll take my wins where I can get ‘em.

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15. Blondie — “Rapture”

Obviously, Debbie Harry is everything, but did you know that “Rapture” was the first U.S. number one record to feature rap vocals? Now you do.

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16. Montell Jordan — “This Is How We Do It”

Perhaps the best of hip hop soul. You be the judge. Just know it’s an easy retort to “why do we have to do….” and singing the answer is more fun than the eye-roll inducing “because I said so.”

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17. A Tribe Called Quest — “Can I Kick It?”

What encourages participation more than a game of call and response? “Can I Kick It” not only follows that pattern, but I suggest using it for soccer practice too.

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18. Tag Team — “Whoomp! There It Is”

Your kids will know this one as it’s been featured in movies like Elf and Rio, loads of ads, and played at all the sports games.

Next: Baha Men — “Who Let The Dogs Out”

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