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5 Reasons why the RHOA ladies can’t stand Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams is not necessarily the most overtly obnoxious gal on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she can be annoying nonetheless. She has tested the patience of her fellow Housewives on several occasions. Detailed below are just a few reasons why the gals of RHOA take issue with Williams.

1. She brought uninvited guest Shamea Morton onto Kenya Moore’s boat

It was rude of Williams to bring a friend to an outing without asking first, and this was even worse in light of Morton’s past behavior at Housewives outings. During the boat party, it quickly became evident that Williams had made a very bad decision, as Morton failed to get along with Moore.

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Image: Bravo

2. She attacked Moore during the infamous reunion brawl

Moore’s use of a loudspeaker and scepter may have been incredibly annoying, but it still didn’t warrant physical violence. Although Williams had already managed to annoy the other Housewives on numerous other occasions by the time this fateful reunion brawl occurred, she really struck a nerve when she went after Moore. She eventually managed to gain the sympathy of a few Housewives, but most looked at her in a new and very negative light after this particular incident.

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3. She thought that the Underground Railroad was a train

Williams is not the brightest bulb in the socket — and some of the Housewives find this very frustrating. Williams especially got on her fellow reality stars’ nerves when she failed to grasp the concept of the Underground Railroad. During a very memorable Freedom Trail tour, Williams embarrassed the other Housewives by insisting that the crawl space in which escaping slaves used to travel wasn’t big enough to accommodate a train.

Porsha Versus Cynthia
Image: Bravo

4. She threatened to ruin Cynthia Bailey’s life

Williams and Bailey initially seemed to have let bygones be bygones after their pointless fight, but during tonight’s episode of RHOA, Williams actually increased the potential for future drama. She claimed to know things about Peter Thomas that Bailey would prefer not to have out in the open. Now that this threat has been made, there is bound to be even more bad blood between Williams and Bailey.

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5. She is constantly provoking the other Housewives.

Although she’s had a few especially obnoxious moments on RHOA, the real problem with Williams is that she can be very grating over long periods of time. She has a habit of poking and prodding the other Housewives until they go nuts. Granted, the Housewives who complain of Williams’ provocation engage in the exact same type of behavior. But they’re not the only ones who find Williams annoying; several Twitter users also commented on Williams’ behavior during tonight’s episode of RHOA.

What do you think of Porsha Williams’ behavior on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Comment and share your opinion below.

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