Quantico's clues that prove the FBI is behind the terrorist attack

Dec 7, 2015 at 1:32 a.m. ET
Image: Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Quantico dropped an emotional bomb on us tonight, but once the dust (and tears) settled, we were left more sure than ever that the real mastermind behind the Grand Central bombing might not be one inexperienced recruit, but the FBI at large!

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Did you read that last sentence? Because tonight's episode answered more than a few questions that have been plaguing us this season — like, what is up with Vasquez's stick-on scars? Who is Shelby's sister, really? And why did Simon get kicked out of the academy?

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But, wow, did those answers come wrapped in drama! So much drama, in fact, that they felt more like a distraction than elucidation. Instead of uncovering a terrorist, these little reveals are just painting the recruits to be some of the most screwed up human beings on the planet — and their being at Quantico makes the FBI look insane. It also makes the FBI look guiltier and guiltier in our eyes, and here's why...

Why is Alex given complete control over the investigation?


This whole season, Alex has been hunted, slandered, and made out to be Public Enemy No. 1. The very agency that vouched for her before the bombing completely disavowed her without a hint of suspicion. It wasn't until last week when her fellow recruits uncovered evidence that she was abducted that they even began to consider other possible suspects. Is the FBI really so inept that they couldn't see the holes in their own theory?

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Then tonight, after Liam convinced Alex to plead guilty, he put her in charge of the investigation... Umm, yeah, that seems like a reasonable choice. Oh wait, actually it feels more like he's trying to distract her and keep her off the streets at the same time.

Meanwhile, she's got an illusion of control while the forces pulling the strings can continue on with their plan to detonate the second bomb. And, bonus, by setting Alex up to alienate her friends, she's lost her team and is alone all over again.

Who stole Simon's plans?

Tate Ellington as Simon Asher in Quantico
Image: Jonathan Wenk/ABC

After a season of being the most mysterious character on the show, we finally got enough of Simon's backstory to better understand his tortured soul. But then we also saw him meet up with his bomb-making friend in the park, just before confessing to the team that the Grand Central bombing was his plan. WTF?

And sure, one of the recruits could have rifled through his belongings and found his sick "Wake Up America" plot... but isn't it more likely that someone higher up in the agency stole them? How could a recruit have planned all of this on their own, anyway?

Who used Alex's badge?


We still don't know who used Alex's badge to sneak into the Agency before the bombing... or who stole her fingerprints. But we know they had to have access to the recruits' personnel files and fingerprint data. Doesn't that seem a little outside the parameters of what the recruits should be able to accomplish?

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And finally, who has total access?

Image: Phillippe Bosse/ABC

At the end of the day, the person(s) behind the bombing have to have had such extensive access to FBI personnel and data, plus money and the resources to make and place the bomb in the first place, that it feels less and less likely one of the emotionally messy, super screwed up FBI recruits could be behind the bombing. Instead, it feels like the whole thing is an inside job orchestrated by a cell withing the FBI itself — and not at the recruit level.

Which sounds a little crazy, but are we really going to let that stop us?