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Once Upon a Time: Will going to the Underworld really save [spoiler]’s life?

Once Upon a Time fans knew something major would happen during the Season 5 midseason finale; after all, the episode was titled “Swan Song.” As proven, a lot went down, including a major death of a beloved character, which also paved the way to, you guessed it, the Underworld. Warning: If you’ve yet to watch the winter finale, read no further or you will most definitely spoil it for yourself.

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Finally, Emma and Hook’s reign as the Dark Ones came to an end. Unfortunately, that also meant Hook dying at the hands of Emma. It was one of the most gut-wrenching scenes to have ever happened on Once Upon a Time. After Hook finally realized (thanks to that flashback with his father, Papa Hook) the man he wanted to be had to save Storybrooke from the Darkness, his true love Emma and her family, he sacrificed himself in order to do so. However, despite thinking they got rid of the Darkness once and for all, Rumple pulled quite the twist out of his hat.

Did anyone else see it coming that Rumple is once again the Dark One? Hero Rumple sure was short-lived. Apparently, Rumple saw Hook’s plan as an opportunity to embrace the true man he is. Rumple channeled all the Darkness into himself, because that’s who he is and what he does. Sorry, Belle, but it looks like the “selfless” man you thought Rumple turned into is no more. Seriously, when is Belle going to catch a break?

Hook and Emma
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As usual, Once Upon a Time‘s midseason finale left a lot questions unanswered. Here’s hoping once it returns in March (yes, fans have to wait until March!), not only will Hook somehow be saved, but these questions will be answered — ASAP.

1. Is Hook really dead?

Technically, and unfortunately, yes. However, Emma, Charming, Snow, Regina, Robin, Henry and Rumple are all headed to the Underworld. Emma believes she can find Hook and save him, which leads me to my next question…

2. Will Emma be able to rescue Hook?

The Underworld is a realm Storybrooke has never traveled, so will it be as easy as Emma is making it sound to save Hook? Most definitely not, especially since many familiar faces are returning, including Peter Pan and Regina’s mother and father. Emma’s plan is to follow in her parents’ footsteps by sharing her heart with Hook to bring him back to life.

3. Who’s going to die to save Hook?

As stated above, Emma hopes to soon share a heart with Hook. However, there’s a catch: In order to restore Hook’s life, someone must die. So, who’s going to bite the dust?

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4. Will Rumple once again redeem himself?

It seems time and time again Rumple finds a way to redeem himself, especially with Belle. However, seeing as he chose to become one with the Darkness, rather than staying the hero Emma made him, there might not be any coming back from this. Let’s face it: Rumple as a villain is way more enjoyable than Rumple as a hero.

5. Will Belle forgive Rumple — again?

She’s forgiven him so many times already, I don’t think Belle will remain with Rumple once she finds out what he did to become the Dark One. He’s no longer the “selfless” hero she wanted to be with at the end of the midseason finale.

6. Is Belle going to get pregnant?

Seeing as Emilie de Ravin is pregnant in real life, does this mean Belle will become pregnant? I mean, Rumbelle did rekindle their love by episode’s end, so it could easily happen.

7. Who and where is Hook’s brother?

As told via flashback, not only did Hook kill his own father (FYI, he really wasn’t a good guy), but Papa Hook had another son, who he named Liam in honor of Hook’s deceased brother. So, who and where is Hook’s brother? I’m sure we’ll meet him sooner rather than later.

8. What is Robin and Zelena’s baby’s name?

Seriously, pick a name already! With that said, I guess it’s up to Regina and Robin now, especially since Regina sent Zelena back to Oz way of tornado. Unfortunately, the picking of names might have to wait until they get back to Storybrooke. Maybe they should just go with Zelena’s choices: Pistachio, Kelly or Hunter (all names of paint colors).

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 6, with its 100th episode on ABC.

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