Ryan Gosling on SNL: All the times he was so bad it was good

Dec 7, 2015 at 4:50 p.m. ET
Image: NBC Universal

It's no secret that Ryan Gosling is a gorgeous, talented, drool-worthy performer... but he may not want to give up his film career for a life in sketch comedy just yet.

We have to hand it to Saturday Night Live— after what began as a bumpy fall, they've managed to pull together some really strong episodes as of late — and tonight's episode, hosted by Ryan Gosling, featured another surprising round of seriously funny sketches.

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So funny, in fact, that Gosling barely it made it through several of them.


Of course, he could have giggled throughout the entire show and we wouldn't love him any less — the man is just so ridiculously sexy — a fact SNL made sure to play on as much as they could.


Gosling kicked off his hosting gig with a funny monologue about being Canadian. The opening was made even funnier when fellow Canadian (and SNL alum) Mike Myers joined him on stage to sing a Canadian Christmas song.

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Gosling made it through the number without full-on cracking up, but the smirk at the corner of his mouth definitely won out in the first sketch of the night: an alien abduction scene that almost took down the whole cast.


At one point, Cecily Strong ad-libbed that Gosling was so emotional he was in tears, to help cover for the actor who just couldn't keep it together.


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Of course, who could blame him? Kate McKinnon is hilarious and almost everyone on stage was stifling their laughter throughout the sketch. But Gosling lost it again during a girl's sleepover sketch in which Aidy Bryant, playing a 'dirty' schoolgirl, licked frosting off his finger (lucky girl).


A few sketches later, Gosling was doing a mock interview with Cecily Strong and almost fell apart when a scrawny Kyle Mooney took his shirt off in front of him.


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The final straw was the naughty elves sketch at the close of the show. Although Gosling made it through without completely losing it, he definitely let the giggles get the better of him — at one point straight up guffawing, adding to the ridiculousness of the skit.


Overall, this has to have been one of the year's best nights on SNL. Sure, we're giving Gosling a hard time for breaking character as many times as he did, but we totally loved it. He may not be cut out for a life in sketch comedy if he can't keep it together on stage, but, if we're honest, Hollywood could probably sell us tickets to watch him read the phone book if they wanted to.

All in all, Gosling hosting SNL was a welcome Christmas treat indeed.

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