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The Amazing Race: 5 Reasons the cheerleaders should be in the final three

My heart is breaking right now for The Cheerleaders on The Amazing Race. Friday was their last chance to pull out the best they had, and despite all the rah-rah they could muster in the end, it wasn’t enough. And they totally got robbed of being part of the final three teams to race for the million dollars.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t take The Cheerleaders seriously in the beginning. They seemed like the typical — well — cheerleaders. Beautiful, bubbly, scattered. All the stereotypical things one would associate with being a cheerleader. But as we moved through the season, they started to win me over and absolutely deserved a place on that mat tonight and here’s why:

1. They had spunk

These ladies had a good time in most of the tasks that they did. Sure there were a few times they had complete meltdowns, but who didn’t?

2. They were supportive

When either one of them was running low on energy or hit that “I can’t do this” point, the other was there to lift the them up and push them to do it. Not because of the race, but because of their friendship and the commitment they had to each other. That’s the real thing, friends.

3. They were compassionate

Sure they wanted to win but more importantly, they wanted to stay true to themselves. They had ethics and integrity — something you don’t see very often in reality shows.

4. They were perfectly fit for some of the challenges

I was honestly surprised that they had such a hard time with the last challenge, because at any other artistic or athletic one they did, they excelled. Even rapping in French was no problem for them, and who can forget the double-dutch?!

5. They genuinely cared

The only other team that shed more tears than The Cheerleaders was The Green Team, and while many may say it’s weak, I think it’s because they cared so much. Or they were exhausted. Chances are, it was both. They had a close tie with Team Texas and a lot of tears and emotions were shared there, but I think these ladies just gave it their all.

I was a little nervous that The Green Team was going to go out in a huge blaze of glory tonight, and I’m glad that they didn’t. They are the one team that deserves to be in the final three, but it really killed me to see The Paparazzi hit the mat over The Cheerleaders. I just can’t wrap my arms around a team that seems so disjointed over a team that was in it together the whole time. All I can hope for at this point is that we’ll see The Cheerleaders again on another season.

What about you? Did you hope to see The Cheerleaders in the final 3? Do you think they played a good game?

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