Shark Tank‘s Purlettes +1 capture fans’ hearts

Sometimes, the best stories on Shark Tank are not those of outrageous products or fascinating technological advancements, but rather those detailing simple business ideas that make the world a better place. This is certainly true of entrepreneur Sarah Oliver’s simple handbags, which have Shark Tank fans raving.

Hand-knit purses may not seem like the most profitable business venture, but savvy businesswoman Oliver has discovered that, equipped with the right story and a team of amazing employees, it is possible to accomplish just about anything. Her handbag company has already achieved impressive growth and is now ready to move on to the next level. This business is unique not only in that it offers hand-knit purses, but also because the vast majority of its employees are over 80 years old!

Sarah Oliver
Image: ABC

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They’ve been on Medicare for multiple decades, but the seniors employed by Oliver aren’t about to slow down. Their fast fingers earn them $17 an hour, as well as plenty of praise from their growing fan base. These lovely knitters are known as the Purlettes +1. They believe that work keeps them young, and if their youthful vigor is any indication, they know what they’re talking about!

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The Sharks — even those who frequently scoff at heartwarming ideas that might not be super profitable — seemed to be all in favor of Oliver’s business model. Lori Greiner was especially enthusiastic about the venture. She highlighted the tendency of today’s young and middle-aged adults to forget to honor the many contributions of their elders. According to Greiner, Oliver is helping to make a group of very talented knitters feel valued.

Image: ABC

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Fans had good things to say about several of the business ventures featured during tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, but they were by far the most complimentary of the Purlettes +1. Many shared their intention to buy purses from Sarah Oliver Handbags in order to support a good cause. Others were clearly excited to see future Shark Tank updates detailing the accomplishments of the Purlettes +1.

Most Twitter users were all in favor of the Purlettes +1, but a few claimed that Oliver was not giving them their fair share of the profits. Even the most popular Shark Tank concept is bound to attract criticism.

Touching stories of entrepreneurial success may be abundant on Shark Tank, but few are even close to as heartwarming as the tale of the Purlettes +1. Hopefully, by investing in Oliver’s business and getting the word out via network television, the Sharks will give dozens of other seniors the opportunity to join the amazing Purlette community.

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