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Kim Zolciak’s daughter’s bikini post creates photoshop backlash (PHOTO)

It only takes a brief glance around Brielle Zolciak’s Instagram profile to see that she is totally a chip off the old block.

Just like her reality star mom, Kim Zolciak, Brielle appreciates the art of Instagram, is beautiful and blonde, knows how to have a good time, loves to post about her grooming habits, and has absolutely no qualms hocking products for Perfect Skin or Express Smile Atlanta on social media.

Brielle posted a bikini selfie on Friday that showed all of the Instagram skills she learned from Kim.

But her good looks and penchant for perfect selfie-posing aren’t they only things Brielle seems to have inherited from Kim. It also looks like the younger Zolciak has been bequeathed with all of her mother’s Internet haters, because Instagram commenters were out in full force and ready to accuse Brielle of photoshopping her latest pic.

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“Willing to bet money this is photoshopped,” wrote one Instagram user, while another echoed, “This is definitely photoshopped. Might want to take down the other photos where you are in this same swimsuit on the same day. Her whole body is shaped smaller in the photo.”

As we already know Kim is constantly battling social media users insanely cruel comments about her appearance on Instagram and has faced the same kind of photoshop allegations that Brielle is facing now.

One Instagram user was not about to let others shame Brielle and very appropriately reminded fellow followers that they are shaming a teenage girl.

“Shes (sic) an 18 year old girl (sic), they have bodies like that, just go to any beach and see for yourself,” the Instagram user wrote, adding, “Just because her moms (sic) famous, does not give everyone a right to sit here and scrutinize and pick apart a TEENAGER. Do yall (sic) not think she has feelings too?!?”

This isn’t the first time Brielle has caught flak on social media. Back in November, followers were very vocal about the amount of cleavage she showed in a family picture, and Brielle got some major blowback the same month for a post in which she admitted to having plastic surgery work done on her lips.

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