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Mama June is declaring war against TLC and the Duggars

Why did the Duggars get better treatment than Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when both faced molestation scandals? That’s what Mama June would like to know.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled after it was revealed family matriarch June Shannon — aka Mama June — was accused of cheating on Sugar Bear with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel. 19 Kids and Counting was also canceled when it was uncovered that Josh Duggar molested several young girls, including his own sisters — but the family was then given a spinoff supposedly focusing on sisters Jessa and Jill.

Now Mama June is calling out the network for their hypocrisy.

“TLC does some crazy stuff,” she ranted to Radar Online. “Jill and Jessa are going back on TV. Don’t tell me the Duggars aren’t going to be a part of that. They are working the Duggars back on TV in their own secret way.”

TLC took everything from us,” she said. “They took so much away from the girls. Their bodyguards. They made them leave. The Duggars had security for weeks after they were canceled.”

“They took out the two people who had been in my kids’ lives for three years. If you were concerned about my kids, then why did you do that?”

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It’s not just the Duggars Mama June has a problem with — turns out TLC has big plans for Kate Gosselin too.

“They are bringing Kate Plus 8 and they told me she was the worst person to work for and they were never going to bring her back,” she claimed. “I can’t believe TLC is bringing her back.”

Mama June, who is trying to repair her relationship with Sugar Bear on the counseling TV show, Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, also denied that anything sexual happened between her and McDaniel.

“Mark’s not an issue. I’m not with him. I’m not dating him, I never have. I honestly will feel better once the show comes out and the truth is revealed. The TRUTH. Not just me saying it, the truth.”

Do you think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo should get another chance like the Duggars have? Sound off in the comments below.

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