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Brandi Glanville reveals why she’s returning to ‘abusive’ RHOBH

Just when you thought you had seen the last of Brandi Glanville on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the queen of all 90210 drama is back, baby!

Not that we’re complaining that Glanville has filmed scenes for the reality show’s sixth season — a little wine throwing never killed anybody, right? — it’s just a bit curious that she was lured her back to the program and cast that she previously likened to an “abusive boyfriend.”

But, as it turns out, Glanville has a specific, one-word, very green reason for jumping back into the RHOBH action.

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“Money,” she bluntly told People magazine at the Season 6 premiere party this week when asked why she decided to return.

Glanville reportedly only filmed scenes with Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards for the upcoming season — could it be because the rest of the cast refused to film with her?

The theory would explain her recent sympathy for Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson, whose castmates are said to be currently refusing to film with the OG of the O.C. because of her ex-boyfriend’s very public fake cancer scandal.

I just though she got a bad rap,” Glanville previously said to People regarding Gunvalson’s feud with the other O.C. Houswives. “Without her and Brooks this season, they wouldn’t have had a storyline, and now they’re saying they don’t want to shoot with her? It disgusts me!”

This also isn’t the first time Glanville has been so candid about cash being the reason for being willing to take her reality-TV lashings.

“[Bravo] said to me, ‘We think if you sign up [again], you’ll just be doing it for the money,” she said in an September interview. “And that’s the only reason I ever did it, was for the money!”

In the same interview, Glanville also ensured that her Season 6 presence on RHOBH will be super tense by basically bashing all of her fellow Housewives.

“Well, if you think about the women who are on the show,” Glanville said, “They’re all rich already… the only thing that you can’t buy is fame. Ultimately, I think they signed up because they all lust for this fame drug.”

Are you excited for Glanville’s return, or do you think she should find another way to make money?

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