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Fargo theories: Who may — and may not — be alive in Season 3

For fans of FX’s Fargo, showrunner Noah Hawley just dropped a bombshell. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that Season 3 will be set “a couple years after Season 1.” (Season 1, you may recall, was set in 2006, while Season 2, which is currently airing, travels backward to 1979.) Moreover, Hawley hinted that characters we’ve seen before will “potentially” return in Season 3.

Of course, Hawley’s keeping quiet on which characters he’s planning to bring back. Though based on the body counts of the first two seasons, there aren’t too many to choose from. Here are some thoughts about who we might encounter again.

1. Lou Solverson

The most obvious theory is, of course, Lou.

He was a recurring character in Season 1, and he’s the central character of Season 2. We’ve learned a lot about him in the last two years, and Season 3 very well might continue his journey. Then again, nothing on Fargo is ever as it appears to be, so we might not want to bank on what seems to be the clearest prediction.

2. Molly Solverson

Lou’s daughter Molly was a central character of Season 1, and her childhood self appears throughout Season 2. Molly is also a fan favorite — as soon as Hawley teased that a familiar character would return, viewers took to social media to make their desire known.

Surely, no one would object to seeing this badass, feminist chief of police return in Season 3. But, again, the fan love — and the fact that her character has already appeared in both seasons — may make her too obvious of a choice.

3. Gus Grimly

Molly’s husband, and the police officer who most closely follows in Lou’s footsteps, is another logical choice for a returning character. He was the hero of Season 1, being the person to catch and kill criminal Lorne Malvo. Fargo will always be a crime drama first and foremost, and a character like Gus will always have a place in the universe of the show.

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4. Greta Grimly

From Lou and Molly’s loving and supportive dynamic to Dodd and Simone Gerhardt’s terrifyingly abusive one, father-daughter relationships are a recurring motif in Fargo. It stands to reason, then, that the trend would continue in Season 3, giving Gus’s daughter Greta a starring role. Her appearances in Season 1 were relatively minor, but with Season 3 being set farther in the future, Greta will have grown up since Season 1 and is sure to be embarking on her own adventures. And let’s not forget that in Season 1, Greta was played by Joey King, one of the fastest rising teen stars around. It would behoove Hawley to find a way to bring her back.

5. Fawn Knudsen

The name might ring a bell to Coen brothers fans, but Fawn hasn’t actually appeared in Fargo before. Rather, she’s the character better known as Bunny Lebowski from the Coen classic The Big Lebowski. And while there is no proof that The Big Lebowski and Fargo occupy the same universe, there are some hints that Bunny/Fawn may be one character to straddle the two. For one, she’s said to have grown up in Moorhead, Minnesota, which is much closer geographically to Fargo, North Dakota, than either Bemidji, Minnesota, (where Season 1 was set) or Luverne, Minnesota, (where Season 2 is set). You might also remember that one of the police officers in Season 1 was a man by the name of — you guessed it — Knudsen. It might be a long shot, but let’s keep our eyes peeled for Tara Reid career news in the coming months.

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6. Mike Milligan

This one might be disproven very soon — Season 2 hasn’t ended yet, and it’s all too likely that Mike will end up in the final body count. But who doesn’t want to see what this smooth-talking gangster would be up to 30 years after the events of Season 2? If anyone besides Lou and Molly survive Season 2 to make it to Season 3, let’s hope it’s Mike.

7. The UFOs

Remember the sighting that Rye Gerhardt sees in the sky before he is killed? The flying saucer that makes an oh-so-brief appearance at the start of Season 2? This has been one of the foggiest plot points of Season 2, and it’s likely that fans would appreciate an explanation — or, at least, some more exploration — come Season 3.

Who do you think is coming back in Fargo Season 3?

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