5 Reasons why Mama June and Sugar Bear will bring drama to Marriage Boot Camp

Dec 4, 2015 at 11:33 p.m. ET
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There have been many much anticipated couples in the history of Marriage Boot Camp, but this season, Honey Boo Boo's Mama June and Sugar Bear are taking center stage and promise to create quite the spectacle. Here's why.

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1. Sex

You need a reason to come to Boot Camp, right? It can't just be because you're currently famous, or were once famous. The reason Mama June and Sugar Bear seem to be here is apparently because Sugar Bear cheated on her, although he claims he didn't and was in fact just talking to some ladies. (Jim and Elizabeth will obviously be getting to the bottom of that one.) Mama June has been really outspoken about her sex life in general, and tonight was no exception — she outright called her and Sugar Bear's sexual relationship "unsatisfying." Fans on Twitter were not into hearing about any of it — how will the other couples in the house feel?

2. They seem quiet... for now

Unlike the other couples — Benzino and Althea, for example — who started fighting the second they got into the house, Mama June and Sugar Bear were relatively low-key. While Sean and Catherine freaked out about everyone else's arguing, swearing and, um, side activities (Sarah and Ink are apparently into threesomes), the Honey Boo Boo cast members kept to themselves. This is reality TV, though, and a show that focuses on fighting with your significant other, so how long can that really last?

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3. Mama June's past

Things that the couples would prefer to keep buried tend to come up on this show, and often quickly. (For example: In a matter of minutes after Friday's premiere began, we found out that Sundy and Benzino had had an affair in the past, which Cedric wasn't aware of.) It's unlikely that Jim, Elizabeth and their team will be able to help Mama June and Sugar Bear deal with their issues without dealing with the fact that Mama June was in a relationship with a convicted child molester. Talk about a hurdle to get over.

4. Catherine Lowe hearts Mama June

Sean is busy being scandalized by his cast mates, and might be plotting his exit, but meanwhile, Catherine is really excited to be on a show with Mama June. The Lowes seem to really enjoy judging the other couples so far and were hoping that they'd be more like them. (What does that mean?) Will they try to befriend Mama June and Sugar Bear, who Sean hopes are "normal"? What happens when both couples start talking (more) openly about why they're there? Will the Lowes be able to handle it?

5. You never know what could happen

On Twitter, fans were super excited about Mama June and Sugar Bear being on Marriage Boot Camp, convinced that they'd bring their own special spice to the show. We might think we know what that means, but given that it's these two, it's probably not as simple as dealing with rumors and infidelity. The show succeeds in bringing out the worst in people while attempting to fix their relationship, so look out viewers.

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Are you excited to watch Mama June and Sugar Bear this season on Marriage Boot Camp? What kind of drama do you expect to see?

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