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Justin Theroux reportedly almost died on his honeymoon

Theroux revealed he almost died on his honeymoon with Aniston.

The couple celebrated their nuptials in Bora Bora. And while their trip mostly seemed like the vacation of a lifetime, Theroux explained on Live with Kelly and Michael that there was one instance that made the trip cringe-worthy.

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As reported by E! News, Theroux decided to do some underwater scuba training during his vacation. After spending a day learning, he decided to bring out a group of friends for an underwater adventure. But the instructor they were assigned was different than the one Theroux had previously learned from. And there was a language barrier problem that made the second day a bit difficult.

Despite that, the group was excited to see some “pretty fish” and down they went.

Theroux continued that when the group was significantly deep and far from the boat, he noticed that his oxygen tank was in the red, meaning he was about to run out of air. Theroux signaled to return to the surface but the instructor either didn’t understand or ignored his request and had him continue with the group.

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Theroux tried to relax and continue along but realized a bit later that his oxygen supply was almost empty and he was in “severe danger,” according to E!

This time, the instructor took note and reacted with an emergency respirator, which caused water to flood Theroux’s mouth.

“Why are we doing an emergency respirator when Earth is right there?” Theroux recounted of his thoughts at the time.

It turns out the instructor was so far from the boat that if they had gone up to the surface, it would have been a long and tiring swim rather than just staying under the ocean.

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Luckily, despite all of the mishaps, Theroux was ultimately unharmed and was able to continue enjoying his vacation with Aniston.

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