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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans follows in the footsteps of the Kardashians (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans is jumping on the waist trainer bandwagon, much to her followers’ disgust.

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Evans posted a photo of herself sitting up really straight with a hand on her small waist and a smile on her face.
“Chilling on this rainy day with my @waistedbykeke waist trainer on. Use code ‘Jenelle10’ for a discount.. Working on getting my body ready for my birthday,” Evans captioned the pic.

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But followers were not impressed.

“These ads are getting ridiculous. Get a normal job and be a mother,” one commenter said. “And quit falling in love with guy after guy. So pathetic.”

Another added, “You are starting to look different idk what’s going on I just hope you don’t go full Farrah cuz you looked great without whatever your [sic] doing to your face.”

“I unfollowed because of all the ads and this shows in my suggested feed now?” one commenter chimed in. “Block time. Stop with all the ads! Beyond annoying!”

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Of course, waist trainers are far from the first product Evans has been supporting as of late. And it seems that followers were less upset by the waist trainer specifically and more about the influx of promos Evans is obviously getting paid to post about to her 1.7 million followers.
But, let’s be real: If you could make potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by posting a few photos trying products, wouldn’t you?

Do you think Jenelle Evans’ product plugs have gone too far or should people back off?

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