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8 Things to know about Jennifer Aniston and Mayim Bialik’s ’90s TV show

Did you know that before Blossom and Friends, actresses Mayim Bialik and Jennifer Aniston starred in a sitcom together? Molloy has faded from the collective memory of television fans, but after Bialik posted a #TBT from the set on social media today, it has become a topic of discussion again. Here’s everything you need to know about this lost show of the ‘90s.

1. Bialik and Aniston played stepsisters

Blended families were a theme of the ‘90s sitcom landscape, and Molloy was no different. Bialik played the titular Molloy Martin, who had to move to Los Angeles from New York after her mom died. Suddenly, Molloy had to adjust to living with her dad, stepmother and precocious stepsiblings — including obnoxious teenager Courtney (Aniston). Hijinks undoubtedly ensued.

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2. And, from the looks of it, the sisters didn’t get along too well

“Didn’t you ever hear of the greenhouse effect?” Molloy asks Courtney in a clip from the show. Courtney’s exasperated reply? “I don’t talk to gardeners!” These two were never going to have much in common.

Jennifer Aniston Molloy
Image: vaudeghosts’s channel/YouTube

3. Molloy was canceled after only seven episodes

Why? We’ll never know — aside from the one commercial that has been uploaded to YouTube, the episodes that aired appear to be lost in time. Perhaps it’s for the best, so we can think of Molloy fondly whenever Bialik posts a #TBT from the old days.

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4. Molloy Martin’s fashion sense looks pretty familiar

Molloy looks like Blosson
Image: vaudeghosts’s channel/YouTube

Hey, Molloy? Blossom Russo called. She wants her hair accessories and flamboyant jackets back.

5. Molloy was Aniston’s television debut

And, to her credit, the actress got some solid gigs in the wake of Molloy’s cancellation, including a role on Ferris Bueller, the spinoff show based on the classic John Hughes film. Of course, her breakout came four years after Molloy, when Friends hit the airwaves.

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6. Bialik, meanwhile, was already a household name, thanks to her role in a certain feature film

Beaches was such a hit that it was used to promote Molloy before it premiered!

Molloy ad in TV Guide
Image: TV Guide

7. This is not the first time Bialik has referenced Molloy in a #TBT… 

Check out this photo that she shared in 2014!

8. … and the one time Aniston referenced the show in an interview, she was delighted!

Jen, please call Mayim, will you? She wants to hang.

Wanna see more? Check out this old commercial for Molloy below!

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