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Charlie Sheen’s ex alleges shocking HIV deception in new lawsuit

Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée is leveling some pretty serious accusations at him in a new lawsuit.

Porn star Brett Rossi — also known as Scottine or Scotty — filed a lawsuit against Sheen in a Los Angeles court on Dec. 3 citing assault, false imprisonment, battery, intentional infliction of emotional neglect and negligence, and revealed some frightening details about the couple’s short-lived relationship.

According to Radar Online, Rossi claims Sheen first contacted her with an offer of $10,000 to have sex with him and when she agreed, made her sign a non-disclosure agreement — a document her lawyer now claims is “an illegal contract, one that is not recognized or enforced by law.”

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She alleges that while she and Sheen quickly fell in love, he would become a very different person when he was drinking. “He became violent and abusive and uncontrollable,” Rossi claims in the documents, saying that he once dragged her “out of the room by her arms and… violently shaking her while screaming obscenities at her” and “screamed at her, pushed her, cornered her, broke items in and around their home, threw items from their bedroom out the balcony window and into the pool, and shook her…”

Most shockingly, Rossi states Sheen hid his HIV status from her and that she only found out accidentally after they already had sex several times. According to the documents, the couple “had sexual intercourse on at least five occasions before [she] discovered medication in [his] medicine cabinet [Truvada] that was for the treatment of HIV.”

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“Shortly after this discovery, [he] admitted to [her] that he was HIV-positive. [She] told Sheen that he should have disclosed this to her before they ever engaged in sex. If he had disclosed this to [her] that he was HIV positive when they met for the very first time, she would never have engaged in sex with him.”

TMZ added another shocking detail: that Sheen allegedly forced Rossi to get an abortion in 2014, saying that due to his HIV status he didn’t want her “to give birth to a retarded child.”

Rossi claims she has been trying to resolve the issue with Sheen since earlier this year and he reneged on a promise to settle with her for $1 million plus 5 percent of his Anger Management royalties, so she has been forced to go to court.

Sheen has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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