Sister Wives: Season 7 to alienate the rest of the wives, focus on Robyn

The most recent season of Sister Wives was overwhelmingly focused on Robyn and Kody, and it looks like Season 7 promises even more of the same.

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There’s good news and bad news for Sister Wives fans. First, the good news: Season 7 is a go. The bad news (depending on how you felt about this past season) is that it’s definitely going to be all about Robyn and Kody.

Season 6, which just ended last Sunday with a two-hour lackluster “tell-all,” focused overwhelmingly on Meri’s decision to legally divorce Kody so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her three children. Fans questioned both Kody’s and Robyn’s motives from the beginning, convinced that the whole thing reinforced what they’d always suspected: that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife. Now that Robyn’s about to give birth to another of Kody’s children (she’s due in January), she’s been getting even more of Kody’s attention, exacerbating the whole problem. Season 6 also saw Christine voicing her own issues with Kody, and Meri’s much talked-about catfishing scandal, culminating in her announcement that she was thinking about leaving the family.

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So with the other Brown wives disgruntled at best, Sister Wives’ seventh season, which will air in early 2016, will focus on Robyn and Kody’s new baby girl (their first child together, Solomon, was born in October 2011) as well as Kody’s new status as legal father to Robyn’s three other children, and Robyn’s status as the only legal wife. The Browns maintain that they are all still spiritually married to one another and that what happened this season was only a matter of paperwork and doesn’t change anything.

But what about that enormous elephant in the room — Meri’s affair? What about Christine and Kody’s marital issues? Will we ever hear about what happens when and if Meri and Janelle actually go to therapy? How about planning Maddie’s wedding? Can the rifts that have been created by not only the divorce, but by years of insufficient communication between Kody and his wives, be mended? Focusing a season’s worth of energy on Robyn and Kody will certainly clarify whether or not the Browns, and their fans, are tough enough — and willing — to endure.

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What do you think about the plan for Season 7? Will you watch? What would you want to see?

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