Colton Haynes gets deeply personal as he shares his struggles

Colton Haynes is a great actor, but he is also using his stardom for good: to raise awareness of anxiety disorders.

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Haynes has struggled with “intense anxiety” since he was a child, and on Tuesday, he took to Twitter to share this with his fans and encourage them to speak up and know they are not alone.

Haynes went on to explain how his crippling anxiety has landed him in the hospital multiple times.

But that it’s possible to fight through it.

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Haynes acknowledged that anxiety is a serious problem and the dramatic effect it has had on his professional and personal life.

Most important, Haynes wanted fans in similar positions to know they are never alone. He also encouraged those who know someone with anxiety to show them their support.

His words have served as an important reminder of just how serious anxiety can be, but they have also provided solace for some fans — and they were eager to share their gratitude with him.

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Do you suffer from anxiety? Has Colton Haynes’ message comforted you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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