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AHS: Hotel paves the way for a Lady Gaga grand finale

Now that the Ten Commandments Killer lose ends have all been tied neatly in a bloody bow, AHS: Hotel is, no doubt, only going to get crazier.

The way has been paved for Lady Gaga as The Countess to take center stage in the remaining five episodes, as the sneak peek for the next episode suggests.

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Will Ramona (Angela Bassett) and Donovan (Matt Bomer) be able to actually take her down? Knowing American Horror Story, probably yes. But it will all be so messed up and twisted that by the end you’ll wonder if it was a good idea at all to go down that path or if they should have just let things be.

Of course, now that we know John Lowe is — spoiler alert — the Ten Commandments Killer, we will also have to see if he is able to complete the remaining two murders.

I guessed that John was the killer. What I didn’t foresee was that he would not only accept his role in the final murders, but relish the idea. I figured that his path to madness would just culminate in the realization of his serial killer ways and he would end up as some crazy vegetable. But, in fact, we might see the most sane John so far in the series moving forward now that he’s aware of his actions over the past five years.

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Also, excuse me while I take a moment to gush, but Evan Peters really deserves a slow clap of awe. He is killing it (pun intended) as James March this season and his scenes with Wes Bentley (aka John Lowe) are just out-of-this-world incredible. Talk about talent!

The whole episode tonight was so well executed. Though the premiere still remains my favorite episode so far this season, tonight’s episode just became a close second. I was so creeped out by so many of the scenes, but also completely in awe of the storytelling ability of cast and crew alike. From writing to lighting to acting, this show is a masterpiece.

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Back to the story line: My theory now that we know John is the killer is that he will absolutely complete the last two murders. But he will be the final person to die and complete the collection: Thou shall not murder. And either March will be the one to kill him inside the Hotel Cortez or he will take his own life and let March have his body. Still, there is no way John and Sally will just live happily ever after inside that hell, especially not when considering the fates of the rest of John’s family.

What do you think the show has in store for John and The Countess in the remaining episodes? Share your theories in the comments below.

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