Ryan Gosling gets harassed by awkward SNL cast fan (VIDEO)

Ryan Gosling is hosting Saturday Night Live and, naturally, the female cast members are in an awkward frenzy.

Every SNL host shoots promo videos with a member of the cast. Aidy Bryant is this week’s lucky cast member because she gets to spend some quality time with hunky Gosling.

“Oh, weird, what does this card say? Gosling and Bryant kiss passionately for remainder of promo,” Bryant jokes, pretending to be shocked by what’s written on the cue card. “These damn writers. Well, I guess we gotta do it.”

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Aidy, I don’t blame you. If I was alone with Ryan Gosling in a hallway, I’d be pulling the same game.

Gosling hugs Bryant and decides they should bond.

“Would you qualify this as a comfortable or uncomfortable silence?” Gosling jokes.

In the second promo, Gosling says, “I am tired. I just wailed on my pecs.”

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Trying to be all cool-girl slick, Bryant quips, “Oh, ’cause you’ve actually been running through my mind all damn day.”

In the last of the promos, the two pretend to reenact a scene from Titanic. Gosling leans over the balcony and spits. “Oh, my God, I just spit on a baby!” Gosling says, as he and Bryant run down the hallway.

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If awkward flirting, pec wailing and spitting are what he’s willing to do for the promos, I can’t wait to see what he does on the show. It looks like this could be a fun episode! And, if not, Gosling is handsome enough for me to feel satisfied no matter how much I laugh.

Gosling hosts Saturday Night Live on Dec. 5 with musical guest Leon Bridges.


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