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Supernatural: 5 Reasons Sam’s totally going back to Lucifer’s cage

Who knew an episode featuring imaginary friends could be both heartbreaking and eye-opening? That’s exactly what Supernatural showcased during Wednesday’s episode titled “Just My Imagination.” Not only did fans meet Sam’s imaginary friend Sully, who you couldn’t help but adore, but it seems Sam’s made up his mind about going back to Lucifer’s cage. Hint: It’s both good and bad. But mainly bad.

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In order to stop the Darkness, Sam’s relying on his visions from “God,” which seem to be telling him to jump on back into the cage with Lucifer. As amazing as that would be (hello, the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer), it’s also really bad. I mean, what good can come from Sam going back into the cage? What if he gets stuck there? What do they need to do in order to send him there? What if Sam and Dean extract Lucifer from the cage? Can Lucifer really defeat the Darkness, and if he does, what happens after? Will Lucifer just remain on the loose?

So many questions, which will hopefully be answered by next Wednesday’s midseason finale. Until then, let’s talk about why Sam will most definitely end up back in Lucifer’s cage.

1. Sully gave Sam the push he needed

Sam opened up to Sully about his dilemma with Lucifer’s cage and the Darkness. In turn, Sully gave Sam quite the pep talk about being a hero. Basically, he told Sam that sometimes the things that scare heroes the most are super important. Meaning, nobody else is going to embrace their fears and what needs to be done, which is when the heroes step in. So, Sam’s going to the cage, right?

2. The lump in Sam’s throat is telling him to

Sam told Dean that he can no longer ignore the lump in his throat about Lucifer’s cage. Yeah, there’s not another way, which means Sam and Lucifer are going to be reunited sooner rather than later.

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3. What else do Sam’s visions mean?

Sam’s visions have become an important part of this season. What else could they mean other than that they’re the key to fighting the Darkness? Clearly, they’re trying to tell Sam something. Let’s just hope it’s not a trap.

4. The meaning behind Lucifer’s name is a given

Lucifer’s name means “light-bearer.” Who better to fight the Darkness than someone whose name literally means the opposite of dark?

5. The midseason finale promo says so

Not only does Sam tell Dean he had another vision of himself in the cage with Lucifer, but Mark Pellegrino makes an appearance as Lucifer. He tells Sam, “I am your only hope.” Anyone else trying not to freak out? It’s unclear as to whether Lucifer is officially returning, but this is definitely a new scene shot between Jared Padalecki and Pellegrino. Also, just because it looks like Lucifer is talking to Sam in the cage, that doesn’t mean Sam is really back in the cage. Maybe it’s just part of the vision he told Dean about. Whatever the case, fans get to see Lucifer next week and that’s the best gift ever.

PS. Why is Dean kissing Amara?! I repeat, why is Dean kissing Amara?!

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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