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Survivor brings big drama with shocking moment from a fan favorite

That’s it. He’s done. Put a fork in him. Joe Anglim (sorry, ladies) has been booted from Survivor: Second Chance. Although it was obviously the right thing to do, as Joe posed such a strong threat, his ouster ignited a firestorm of social media chatter, with many viewers saying they no longer want to watch the show.

The Survivor drama began with the always-emotional visit from loved ones that brought several big moments. First, Jeremy’s wife, Val, secretly revealed they had a baby boy. Next, Spencer uttered the words “I love you” to his girlfriend, which he admittedly has struggled with doing. Talking about it actually brought him to tears and it was cool to see him say it. Finally, Joe shed tears as his dad came around the corner. He had been hoping to share that Survivor moment with his father, as he grew up watching the show with him. “You made my dream come true,” his dad said while offering up a big hug. They then repeatedly kissed on the lips, which was a hotbed of social chatter.

A new deal

As Joe, Abi, Kimmi and Kelley (who won the reward) shared a barbecue with their loved ones, Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha sat to the side and created a new final-three deal. As their conversation evolved, Tasha revealed to the guys that the women had approached her about an all-female alliance. Although she pledged she was on their side, Jeremy was worried the women might be able to take him out.

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Challenge emergency

Survivor‘s episode preview made it seem like one of the contestants was going to be hurt in the challenge by a falling statue that was balanced atop a teetering pole. But that never happened. Instead, the unexpected took place as Keith and Joe were the only contestants remaining in the battle after more than 80 minutes. Suddenly, Joe dropped out of the competition and fell to the ground as Probst declared Keith the winner. His loss initially brought a brief celebration from the group, which was ready to finally vote him out. But their excitement was cut very short when they realized something was wrong. Probst rushed over and called for medical as the rest of the castaways looked on in disbelief. Joe had passed out.

Medic evaluates Joe on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Joe initially didn’t have any response when they tried talking with him. The medics said his blood sugar was low, which caused him to pass out. When he finally woke up and realized what had happened, his emotions took over as he expressed his desire to win it all. After laying there a while, the medic cleared Joe to return to the game.

But without immunity, Joe’s threat in the competition was still obvious. For that reason, he was voted out of the game. Not surprisingly, many viewers turned to social media to express their extreme disappointment. Some are even saying they no longer have any reason to watch.

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Those few tweets are just a tiny sampling of the Twitter reaction, most of which involves people pouting about Joe being voted off. Let’s be real here for a moment: They had to get rid of him. It’s a game. Had he made it all the way to the end, Joe was going to walk away with the $1 million. He lost immunity and it was the perfect opportunity to make sure he didn’t get another shot at winning the necklace. Yes, he may have been your favorite. You may have enjoyed the eye candy. He may have even been the most deserving to win the whole game. But that doesn’t matter in Survivor. It would have been strategic stupidity to let him make it to the final tribal council. Don’t get me wrong; I like Joe. I’ve met him numerous times. He’s a very nice guy, but he had to go. They did the right thing, even if it was brutal timing in light of his medical emergency at the challenge. I’m sure I’ll see some lovely anger tweeted in my direction now. Bring it on!

Joe Anglim cast photo for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

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What was your initial reaction to Joe’s elimination? Were you bummed about it? What was your favorite moment of the loved ones visiting? At this point, who do you hope wins the entire season? Join the conversation by leaving a comment now.

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