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Girls sneak peek: Friendships are getting even crazier in Season 5

The protagonists of Girls aren’t known for their subtlety, and the fifth season is looking as dramatic as ever. Here’s what you can anticipate once Feb. 21 arrives.

Hannah is getting cozy with new boyfriend Fran. They’re having sleepovers and taking scenic walks through New York, and it all looks like it’s heading in the right direction — that is, if Hannah and her gay best friend Elijah can cool it on the faux PDA for a few minutes.

Shoshanna has taken the job in Tokyo, allowing her to move away from her problems and find comfort in unfamiliar surroundings abroad. And with her Hello Kitty headphones, she already appears to be fitting in. “People are so wrong,” she says of the naysayers.

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Marnie is getting married! To Desi, we can only assume, though his presence is barely felt in the trailer at all. But Marnie seems more interested in the pomp and circumstance of the wedding than the marital union itself — she’s wearing lots of fancy dresses in this trailer and way too much makeup. (“It’s not insane! If we just take it a little… down the face…” Hannah generously advises regarding her friend’s cosmetic emergency.)

And Jessa? It’s hard to tell from the trailer exactly what she’ll be up to in the new season, other than being mean to Hannah, that is. She’s as mean as ever and not apologizing for it.

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As for Elijah, Adam and Ray? We see them all, briefly, but this teaser is hardly about them. After all, it’s not a show called Boys.

Girls creator and star, Lena Dunham, tweeted the trailer excitedly to fans earlier today.

And the fans are responding with great enthusiasm.

Girls won’t be back until February, so tide yourself over with the new trailer in the meantime!

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