Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans' recent tweet sparks pregnancy rumors

Dec 2, 2015 at 5:57 p.m. ET

Evans made an innocent comment about the aftermath of a tough workout that was twisted into some pretty harsh accusations by Twitter users.

Evans recently posted a brag about her day at the gym and how it made her feel, and people on Twitter automatically jumped to conclusions — not only did some say she must be pregnant, but others suggested she was high, drunk, hungover or messed up from all the new diet supplements she has been touting.

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Evans quickly squashed the pregnancy rumors with one barbed tweet.


A friend assured Radar Online that the last thing on Evans' mind is having another baby, and provided a strangely personal detail to the tabloid.

"People thought she was pregnant but Jenelle is actually on birth control," the insider said.

"She definitely does not want to have another kid right now."

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Evans already has son Jace and son Kaiser from two different relationships. She is currently engaged in a war with her second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, after he took Kaiser on vacation without telling her.

"I told him, 'If you want to see Kaiser ever since you took him to Boston without telling me, you can file for visitation,'" she told Radar Online. "Well he still has yet to do that.

"He has been asking me, but then I'm like, 'If I give him Kaiser, then he can take off with him,'" she said. "And then when will I ever get him back? It just scares me."

Her reaction could just be sour grapes after Griffith called CPS while she was on vacation with her new boyfriend (the kids were not with them), but these two would probably benefit from some legal custody paperwork.

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