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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick reunite, fueling publicity stunt rumors

Kardashian and Disick are reportedly back together, and some people think they never actually broke up in the first place.

Kris Jenner’s effusively affectionate Instagram dedication to Disick makes a lot more sense now after hearing that he and Kardashian have reunited. An insider told E! News that since leaving rehab, Disick has stepped up to the plate as a father and partner, so Kardashian decided to give him yet another chance.

“Scott has been integrating back into the family and things are going really well. They’re a family unit again,” the source revealed. “When Kourtney talks about them, she says ‘We.’ It’s no longer just her and the kids. It’s all of them.”

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“He has really picked up the slack on daddy duty,” the source continued. “He’s committed. He’s helping with the kids and everyone, Kourtney included, sees how much he’s trying.”

So what exactly does that mean? “There is no question the family is back together,” the insider revealed. “They’ve always loved each other. And she let him back into the family.”

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That is, of course, if they ever actually broke up at all in the first place. As SheKnows reported in October, some fans questioned if the whole thing was actually staged for publicity to drive ratings for the new current season of KUWTK.

Another source says Disick and Kardashian have always had an open relationship and things between them are more business than romance.

“Scott says they have an arrangement, kind of an open marriage,” his ex-manager told Life & Style (via Radar Online). “When he’s away, he can live the way he wants to live.”

Regardless, is this reunion a good idea or not? Disick just left rehab within the last couple of weeks and has been several times before.

Is Kardashian wise to let him back in so soon? Sound off in the comments below.

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