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Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton make people suspicious with their PDA (PHOTO)

Shelton and Stefani are clearly going strong.

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What many bill as a rebound relationship between two recently divorced stars seems to be growing stronger by the minute. And in a new interview, Shelton revealed just how deep his feelings really are for Stefani.

Shelton revealed to Access Hollywood that he had invited Stefani to spend the holiday with him in Oklahoma, along with her kids.

And there’s even more evidence that points to a more serious relationship between the two: Photos of Stefani snapped as she celebrated Thanksgiving weekend with her kids showed her on a FaceTime video chat with Shelton. Does this mean he’s already met her kids? It sure looks that way.

There’s been plenty of speculation about how quickly Shelton and Stefani hooked up. They both just got divorced last summer — Shelton in July after four years of marriage to Miranda Lambert, and Stefani in August after 13 years married to Gavin Rossdale.

But more and more clues say their relationship is much more than a rebound. They even appear to have already told each other “I love you.”

But while the photos, at face value, seem to mean Shelton and Stefani are going strong, it also seems just a little bit suspicious. Stefani had to know the paparazzi were all around at Disneyland. Why did she choose such a public location to have a FaceTime chat with her boyfriend? Why did she position her phone so paparazzi could get such a clear shot of Shelton’s face on the screen? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Could it be that this is all a big publicity stunt? Think about it — Shelton and Stefani could make an absolute killing by recording an album and touring together while they’re the hottest new couple in Hollywood. This public flaunting of their relationship almost makes that seem like a possibility.

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