Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon have sweet way of handling holidays after divorce

The holidays look like they’ll be happy for Carey and Cannon.

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Just months after their divorce, the two say their split doesn’t have to affect the holiday season at all — as long as they put their kids first.

In a new interview with E! News, Carey explained that the family may be in different houses, but it won’t stop them from spending the holidays together, letting their long-standing holiday traditions live on.

“Santa Claus comes every year and real reindeer are there, of course, as well,” she revealed. “[We have] too many traditions to name! We go on a two-horse open sleigh and spend Christmas in Aspen, usually, so I can have a white Christmas, so it’s really nice.”

She said she and Cannon plan to continue to co-parent through Christmas, and that they’re just keeping things laid-back.

“I think we’re all just learning as we go,” she added. “We’re doing the best we can, and it’s all about the kids. That’s it!”

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If Thanksgiving was any indication, it sounds like they’ll have no problem figuring it out. Cannon revealed in a recent interview of his own that the family spent that holiday together.

“[I see them] all the time. We’re in the same city together,” he explained. “My house is more in the suburbs, and they’re in the city. We hang out all the time.”

He continued, “You know what’s really cool, and I love this, and my daughter will be like, ‘I don’t want to sleep here! I want to go sleep at my other house.’ So we’ll just put her in the car and drive her to Mom’s house. Like even Thanksgiving, it was really cool because we all had Thanksgiving together… At the end of the night my son was like, ‘Yo! I want to go with you!’ And my daughter was like, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow! Come pick me up in the morning.’ So we had a boys’ night.”

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Do you think Cannon and Carey are handling their post-divorce holiday season the right way?


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