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Kim Zolciak’s throwback picture sparks fresh plastic surgery rumors (PHOTO)

There are a lot of people who may look back at pictures of themselves from over a decade ago and cringe, saying, “What was I thinking with my outfit? My hair was awful.” But Kim Zolciak is never going to have that problem.

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Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Zolciak posted a picture of herself from 14 years ago alongside one from herself in present-day. She captioned it with, “Me 14 yrs apart! Time flies!!!! -#ThemBleachedBrowsThough.”

Zolciak looks great in both pictures, and very little has changed (she hardly looks any older). Instead, what she does look like is happy and healthy. While many fans agree with us, Zolciak has also attracted her share of critics who have chosen to comment on her looks in a less-than-flattering way.

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“Well u see the nose difference n the fuller lips,” sirenmarline wrote.

“Should have left your nose alone your new one makes you look like a Barbie Doll,” bazzell73 shared.

While missbellezza007 thought Zolciak looked incredibly different. She wrote, “Doesn’t even look like the same person. But I would like the name of your plastic surgeon @kimzolciakbiermann because he did a hell of a good job on your face.”

Even if Zolciak did have cosmetic work done, does it really matter? It is her face, her money and her choice— does it really need to be a choice that she attracts so much criticism over?

Well, it appears that for many critics the problem is not that Zolciak has allegedly had work done; it’s that she hides it.

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“Home girl [sic] stop denying you got anything done, this picture doesn’t help your cause in proving us wrong !” stephunieb wrote.

“You definitely got a nose job, there’s NOTHING wrong with doing so, just admit it lol,” yaanighaun shared.

Let us know your thoughts on Kim Zolciak’s before-and-after picture in the comments below.

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