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Victoria’s Secret Angel called a racist for ridiculous double standard

Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio sang the N-word in a Periscope performance of “Holy Grail.”

On Monday, Nov. 30, Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio went on Periscope to sing a song for her fans. She chose “Holy Grail” by Jay Z and featuring Justin Timberlake. The song happens to include the N-word, which the Portuguese model sang. She quickly got a lot of comments from followers telling her she needed to apologize. Instead, Sampaio blocked followers.
She eventually responded with a tweet, “I got caught up in the song and my intention was not to offend anyone.”
If an artist records a song using the N-word, does that mean that only certain members of the audience can sing along word for word? Personally, I always skip saying it when I’m singing along in the car. Well, to be honest, I usually just buy the radio version because I’m kind of lame like that. But if I did sing it and no one is in the car, does that makes me racist? Or would I only be racist if I performed it on the Internet?
I love creative expression — of the original artist and of people who love it enough to perform it. I mean, did you see Demi Lovato’s performance of Adele’s “Hello”? It was amazing. But do people need to censor themselves or an artist’s original work because it’s OK for some people to say the N-word and not OK for others? Is she really to blame, or is it Jay Z? Do we have the right to edit the artist as we see fit?
Or do people on the Internet just wait for a moment when they can express outrage? Sampaio put herself out there by singing on Periscope (I have no idea how good or bad her voice is, but I’m assuming it took courage). Maybe she should’ve censored herself or maybe she shouldn’t have. But she took a risk and, as soon as she did, people were quick to judge and jump all over her.
Just as I believe in creative expression, I believe people can comment as they please. But sometimes people can take it way too far. In this case, I don’t really know that it was Sampaio’s fault. She was singing someone else’s song, not expressing her opinion. I say, “Relax, trolls.” How about you?

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