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Scream Queens‘ Pete is obviously the Red Devil — or is he?

There are only two episodes left of Scream Queens, which means the other Red Devil will soon be unmasked come next week. Until then, let’s discuss this Tuesday’s episode. When the Kappas weren’t partaking in Black Friday deals or trying to kill Dean Munsch, Pete was being his usual super-shady self. With that said, it just seems way too obvious for Pete to be the killer.

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Don’t get me wrong; a while back I thought all signs pointed to Pete as the Red Devil, but now I’m not so sure. Plus, Pete unveiling himself to Grace as a so-called murderer at the end of the episode pretty much means he’s not the big bad killer of Wallace University. Way too easy, right?

But first, let’s break down all of Pete’s shadiness and secrets from this episode. Then, I’ll get to what I think Pete’s really up to, i.e. he’s totally not killing people. Apparently, Boone was Pete’s secret inside source during his investigation of the Greek system, which is why Boone left a box of his stuff to Pete in his will. Yes, it’s as strange as it sounds, but it’s Scream Queens.

Anyway, Pete also did some digging during the episode and learned that Gigi was the fourth girl in the Kappa bathroom in 1995 when the babies were born. It doesn’t stop there. Gigi Caldwell’s “real name” is Jess Meyer, but she wasn’t the original caretaker of the bathtub babies. It seems her sister Amy took the babies, but the situation became too stressful and she committed suicide. The tragedy led Gigi to take in the babies, committing herself to a mental institution, raising the babies as killers and all as a way to supposedly get revenge on the Kappas for causing the death of her sister. To be clear, this is all pure speculation at this point.

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Finally, Pete became even shadier during a mysterious phone call, which made him look like he might be involved with the murders. He said to the anonymous person on the other end of the call that he’s leaving campus, they made their point, there is no need to take it any further, he feels guilty and he doesn’t want to hear from this unnamed person again. Oh, and Pete still has his Red Devil “mascot” costume in his dorm wardrobe, which he creepily stared at with guilty eyes.

What does this all mean? Well, I don’t think it means he’s the killer. As Pete’s said time and time again, he is an investigative journalist who hates the Greek system, especially fraternities. He’s thinks they’re bad for the world and society.

So, I think Pete is working with someone, probably another reporter or his editor, to expose Wallace University’s Greek system for what it truly is: a really messed up group of sisterhoods and brotherhoods. Then, serial killers showed up on campus and he found himself an even juicier story. Somehow Pete probably got in way too deep and even started wearing the Red Devil costume as a way to infiltrate the Greek system and get more facts for his story. Maybe he was even wearing it to scare information out of people or to spy on others? There’s a good chance he feels responsible for the deaths of some of the victims, which is why he referred to himself as a murderer to Grace.

And there you have it: the most logical reason for Pete’s shadiness and lies. Whatever Pete’s been up to probably all started out as a job and a way to make the best story, but now he’s found himself in quite the mess and is feeling super guilty about everything.

Scream Queens‘ two-hour finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 8/7c on Fox.

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