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Miranda Lambert has a surprising request for fans following divorce

Thanks, but no thanks.

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That’s pretty much what Lambert has to say to fans who continue to weigh in on her recent divorce from fellow country music superstar Shelton. As politely as possible, Lambert is asking everyone to mind their own dang beeswax. And who can blame her?

Lambert and Shelton have been divorced for five months now, and in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Lambert continued to open up about the affect the split has had on her life.

We are real people with real lives and real shit,” Lambert told the magazine. “We’re both very honest. This is what it is now, and we’re moving forward. We don’t need all the opinions. We just need y’all to be supportive, and nobody pick a side — because there ain’t a side.”

Shelton has mirrored Lambert’s comments in the past, telling the Bobby Bones Show in September that he and Lambert were keeping their split amicable.

“Our whole thing was, we are going to be cool about this,” he said at the time. “It is what it is. We’re buddies.”

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Shelton has moved on quickly from the divorce, which was finalized in July, already coupling up with his fellow Voice coach and divorcée, Gwen Stefani, who announced her split from her husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale, in August. That news came about a month after the announcement that Shelton and Lambert were calling their four-year marriage quits.

As amicable and Lambert and Shelton seem to be, though, the Cosmo interview revealed there’s one thing Shelton might want to be worried about: the ladies in Lambert’s family.

“We will offer you a sweet tea and hug and love you to death, but we will not put up with your shit,” she said.

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Do you think Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce is as easygoing as they claim? Sound off down in the comments.

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