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Mayim Bialik will keynote the #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us conference

Welcome to our very first keynote speaker announcement for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, this August 4-6 in Los Angeles: actress, author, advocate, web publisher and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik.

She’s the Emmy-nominated star of television’s number-one comedy, The Big Bang Theory. She’s written a (vegan!) cookbook and a book on parenting. She’s a tireless advocate for STEM careers for girls and women. She’s the creator of Grok Nation, an online community of self-proclaimed nerds who activate change. And did I mention that she’s a neuroscientist?

Yeah. I think it is entirely appropriate to say: Mayim Bialik is all that.

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I have a lot of questions for Mayim, such as:

  • Why is The Big Bang Theory the only great network sitcom on air (at least the only one I TiVo)? I’m sure she’ll be way more diplomatic in her answer than is called for by my question.
  • Why does she think an unlikely story about total geeks has resonated with such a mainstream audience — including her own lovable, quirky character, Amy Farrah Fowler?
  • What’s harder? Getting your Ph.D in neuroscience, getting more kids interested in STEM topics earlier and more consistently, or dealing with the modern-times-resistant sexism of Hollywood?
  • Why is “grok” such a great word, both in general and for her website? Yet, why do I get strange looks when I use it? (Maybe I use it too much? Hmmm… I think I just figured out my “why.”)
  • And: Isn’t being #vegan the awesomest?

But enough about what I want to learn from Mayim. As always, we want to know what you want to know from her. Lay those questions on us below in the comments!

#BlogHer16: Experts Among Us in Los Angeles is THE largest conference for women content creators in the world. Don’t wait: Register now: Space is limited. And sign up for the #BlogHer16 newsletter for announcements and opportunities!

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