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Kim Kardashian wins the war against fat-shamers with simple response

Kim Kardashian isn’t getting mad over those mean pregnancy fat-shaming comments.

Rather, she is embracing the fact that all she wants to do is eat. As she should!

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But that doesn’t mean she’s just going to let those fat-shamers go without shutting them down with the perfect response.

Kardashian is expecting her first son at the end of this month with husband Kanye West. The two already have one daughter together, North West.

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Kardashian infamously had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with baby No. 2, so much so that she was worried it wasn’t going to be possible at one point. Now that she’s almost ready to deliver, it’s no wonder that she’s basking in all the fun that comes with being pregnant, especially indulging in whatever delicious treats she wants.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can live off beignets, as Kardashian knows since she revealed that she might have developed gestational diabetes.

Thankfully, she announced on Sunday that her test came back negative.

“I feel really relieved that I don’t have diabetes,” Kardashian reported, according to Us Weekly, after talking with her doctor. “I’m trying to do everything I can to eat healthy and be healthy.”

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And despite her worries about staying healthy while pregnant, it hasn’t stopped Kardashian from making light of the situation to relieve some stress.

Do you think the Kim Kardashian pregnancy fat-shaming has gone too far?

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