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Joey Feek shares an adorable moment with her daughter, Indiana (PHOTO)

Joey Feek probably has little time left on this earth, but she isn’t letting that stop her from making special memories with her baby girl.

Joey’s husband, Rory Feek, posted a composite image of her and their toddler daughter, Indiana, on Facebook today, wearing matching yarn pigtail hats.

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Joey, who has entered hospice care after aggressive treatments for cervical cancer failed to stop the progression of the disease, looks to be in good spirits in the photo and is eating a super healthy snack.

“I’m doing all these alternative things and taking things I’ve never taken before — organic, all natural and homeopathic. It can’t hurt,” she told People in November. “I’m doing all I can do to be more comfortable.”

In a weekend blog post, Rory explained that in recent days, Joey has seemed to have taken a turn for the better, and has been more energetic and talkative than she has been in weeks — but he says it is still a very up-and-down situation.

“One moment, her light is very dim and she sleeps all the time and is struggling with the simplest of things. And we (along with the doctors and hospice) believe that the time must be very near,” he wrote on his blog This Life I Live.

“And then, she’ll awaken one day and start talking, and we’ll see that familiar spark in her eye. And she will be so crystal-clear with her thoughts, we will gather in the next room and say, ‘maybe, just maybe…?’ And then she will take another downturn. Then an upturn. Back and forth. Sometimes many times in just one day. But today and the last few days have been incredible.”

“Though now, she can no longer get out of bed — she is so sharp and clear, and her pain, for the most part, is so under control by the medicine that talking to her — you would think she’s her normal self. Thinner. Much thinner. And with a hip new hairdo.

But she is beautiful. So so so beautiful.”

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