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Après Ski: Fans are torn over whether Jim or Elise makes the better boss

Does it really surprise anyone who is watching Bravo’s Après Ski that the tension surrounding the Gibbons Life team can still be cut with a knife? After five episodes and the management of many clients, one would think that these group of employees would be able to have a drama-free week. However, that definitely isn’t the case nor does it seem like that will happen anytime soon.

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During Monday’s episode, viewers watched — again — as Elise butted heads with pretty much every single person on her team. It was Jim, though, who decided to take matters into his own hands by taking his issues with Elise straight to Joey Gibbons. That’s right, rather than going to Tamara, the person above Elise, Jim went straight to the big boss. Basically, Jim is over Elise’s management techniques and bluntly told Joey that he should be the manager. He came outright and said, “I want to take the reins.”

As expected, Joey talked to Tamara (who wasn’t thrilled with Jim bypassing her) and said they needed to handle the situation, because Gibbons Life will not succeed with all the negativity there is now. Well, like every Sunday review dinner, this one went down the tubes fast and mainly thanks to Jim and Elise arguing. Suffice it to say, Tamara couldn’t believe her eyes and ears.

Based on next week’s promo, it looks like even more drama is going to hit the slopes, and if Tamara and Joey stick to their word, Gibbons Life might be reshuffling the team to form the big happy family that they’ve wanted from the very beginning.

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That said, either Elise will maintain her position, Jim could take over or someone else might fill the operations manager’s boots. Would you choose Elise or Jim? Well, after perusing Twitter, fans are definitely torn over whether Elise or Jim makes the better boss. Check it out.

There is definitely no clear favorite when it comes to Jim and Elise. I guess fans will have to wait and see if Joey and Tamara have a favorite.

Après Ski airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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