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Vanderpump Rules: Why James is the new Jax at SUR

Who’d have ever thought Jax would look somewhat innocent on Vanderpump Rules? Granted, he’s still really good at lying and manipulating situations to get his own way. However, now that James is more than a busboy at SUR and has taken on an entirely new role, Jax’s antics are being overshadowed by James’ “self-destructive” behavior, as Kristen called it.

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During Monday’s episode, not only did James and Kristen finally break up (here’s hoping it’s for good), but a whole new light was shed on James Kennedy. He just proved to viewers that he is the new Jax Taylor at SUR. Heck, even Lisa Vanderpump said that Jax is jealous of James being the center of attention and getting all the action, especially when it comes to Lala. As she said, “Somebody’s feathers are a little bit ruffled.”

Even Kristen pointed out that it appears James wants to be like Jax. He’s gone from the attractive, confident guy to someone who is a womanizer, who doesn’t care about anybody and whose ego has grown to an exponential level.

James Kennedy
Image: Tumblr

As showcased throughout the episode, here are a few reasons why James is the new Jax and pushing the master liar and lover of attention out of the spotlight and into the shadows.

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1. He’s really good at lying

How many times can James lie in one episode, especially to Lala and Kristen? He clearly has learned a thing or two from master liar Jax.

2. He can destroy relationships quickly

First, James breaks up with Kristen. Next, he’s all in love with Lala. Finally, he and Lala are over before they even started. I don’t even know if Jax has ever ended a “relationship” that quickly.

3. He’s addicted to drama and conflict

He might not admit it or act like it, but just like Jax, James is addicted and attracted to all the drama he can get his hands on. It’s one of his many weaknesses.

4. He’s a womanizer

How many women do you think James has convinced and will continue to convince he’s into them before humiliating and hurting them? He might have a long way to go to reach Jax’s number, but at this rate he’ll get there sooner rather than later.

5. He’s disrespectful to women

Did you hear how he spoke to Lala? Not cool, James. Clearly, he’s been eavesdropping on Jax’s conversations.

6. He causes most of SUR’s drama

Seriously. Every time James is at work, there’s drama or a confrontation. Hmm… that sure sounds like a bartender at SUR.

I mean, even Schwartz agrees with me.

James, Kristen and Schwartz
Image: Tumblr

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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