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Will The Originals kill off a major character in the midseason finale?

The Originals‘ executive producer Michael Narducci has us extremely nervous for the midseason finale this Thursday.

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Narducci explained leading up to the episode that the “landscape will shift further in the next few episodes, and that goes to the last episode of our regular run leading up to the holiday where everything just kind of explodes, and some tragic things happen because of the shifting alliances. I can’t say too much. I’d rather just let it play out.”

But when his use of the word “tragic” was pointed out, Narducci further teased, “Yeah, I know. I meant to.”

And what could be more tragic than a death in the show? It has to be that. This whole season has been all about taking out the original family. So either they all get staked and packed away so that the other vampires can protect themselves with the help of the medallion, or someone is going down for good.

My theory is that Jackson is going to die.

I’ve been saying this for a while now, since Narducci also hinted that things between Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) are far from over. But she would never, never let her feelings betray her pack and her daughter. And that means staying with Jackson ’til death do them part.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Jackson. And the Hayley and Jackson relationship has really grown on me. I just don’t see how Hayley and Elijah can get to all their unfinished business with him still in the picture. I would definitely call his death tragic. And it will, no doubt, take Hayley a long while to get over his death. But at the end of the day, it would pave the way for her to perfectly stay in the picture with the Mikaelsons and, thus, rekindle her relationship with Elijah.

Of course, when we last saw Jackson and Hayley, things weren’t so good between the two. And the shifting alliances Narducci hinted at could very well be Jackson’s decision to choose his pack over Hayley, leading to a break in the pack magic. If I remember right, it wasn’t specified just how loyal the two would have to be to one another throughout their lives. If he leaves her, asks for a divorce, what then? And while I’m confident Hayley wouldn’t choose to forsake her pack for Elijah, I’m not sure if Jackson would choose her and forsake his happiness.

It could also be that I am completely wrong and this tragedy has nothing to do with Hayley and Elijah.

After all, when we last left Camille, her chances didn’t look so great either. If we never got to see her and Klaus resolve that unfinished business, it would definitely be tragic. But something tells me that watching her and Aurora interact has way too much fun potential to last only a few episodes.

It could also have to do with Davina. Since she’s been kicked out of the coven, her depression might be too much for her to handle. Again, this one seems unlikely. Mostly because I just really want to see Kol return at some point.

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It’s also entirely possible that no one will die at all and Narducci’s tragedy is more of an emotional one (though I think that’s unlikely). Perhaps Aurora and her brother are both killed, meaning the secret of Rebekah’s whereabouts will seemingly forever remain a mystery. Or maybe the Strix will plan something particularly nasty for Marcel.

My vote is still for the theory that something worse than a breakup is about to go down for Jackson and Hayley.

The Originals Season 3 midseason finale airs next Thursday on The CW.

Which tragedy do you think is more likely on The Originals midseason finale?

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