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Khloé Kardashian says she’s ‘cuter than most,’ and outrage ensues (PHOTO)

There is no denying that Khloé Kardashian looks great — and she’s worked really hard to get a toned body — but she knows it.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Kardashian shared a two-month-old gym selfie, which shows her wearing workout pants and a black crop top.

She captioned the picture with a lengthy comment about fitness, writing, “This picture was taken on September 27th. Not that long ago, right?!?! I have not worked out since the beginning of October due to a slew of reasons. It’s crazy, how just in that short amount of time how your body can change. I NEED the gym in my life!!! Lol My mind and body don’t respond well without the gym!! Not feeling cute right now but still cuter than most #Bloooop #GotToGetItBack.”

Kardashian’s post may have intended to motivate, but fans and critics alike have taken issue with the last sentence of her caption, “cuter than most,” and have blasted her for being “cocky” and “rude.”

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Janaepetzke_ wrote, “Yer [sic] proud of u but gives you no right to say ur better than everyone else #rude.”

“You’re cocky ass comment what makes you better than anyone else,” asked calanpogo. And other people were also disappointed with the caption, with comments including “cuter than most” followed by a confused face and the caption “:(.”

Southsideprimetime shared their thoughts on the caption, telling Kardashian, “It’s sad that you place so much of your value and happiness in your appearance.”

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While zinowolf was exceptionally annoyed and wrote, “Fat f***ing narcissistic bitch.”

Whether Kardashian was just teasing or she legitimately feels that way is unclear, but what is clear is that she has left a lot of people feeling very, very angry.

Are you offended by Khloé Kardashian’s caption or do you think it’s funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Image: Rachel Worth/WENN

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