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Blood & Oil‘s drama is over-the-top — and not in a good way

Any drama is good drama when it comes to TV shows. Usually.

But there’s drama and then there’s ridiculousness, and I fear that Blood & Oil has officially crossed the line.

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And I’m so sad to say this because I had such high hopes for the show. Plus, I gave it such leeway since there were rumored to be so many issues before the show ever aired. Multiple roles were recast and the series had a swap in showrunners that didn’t lead to good signs.

But Deadline also reported that ABC had high hopes for the series and was confident it was going to be a Fall 2015 breakout. That kept me tuning in to see if the series could pull it together.

Unfortunately, the network’s need for OMG moments is more like OM-geez.

Between Jules’ love triangle with Hap and Wick to Cody’s visit with Garry that conveniently happened right before his death, the show has my eyes rolling more than my jaw dropping.

Even the cliffhanger tonight with Jules’ overdose made me sigh with exasperation rather than awaiting the next episode because her pity party is just so frustrating. Cody tells her not to feel bad, that falling for two men at once happens sometimes. And, OK, sure, love triangles happen. But not with a father and son. I mean, come on! Ugh, it just makes me so uncomfortable. She was having sex with both of them! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

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It seems like the show has to make Jules’ relationship with Hap and Wick so extreme because every other relationship on the show is already messed up; it’s hard to make one stand above the rest as bad.

Take Cody and Billy (Chace Crawford), for example. They’ve been rocky since the premiere when she gave him the ultimatum about staying in North Dakota. And their relationship has never felt solid. He’s lying to her. She’s lying to him. There was never a chance to fall in love with the two of them together before everything went to hell so we never got attached to their relationship. Now that they’re even more officially on the rocks, I don’t even really mind if they split because I’ve been anticipating it the whole season. It has just always seemed inevitable and, therefore, lacked any sort of suspense or surprise.

Then there’s Carla and Hap, who seem to only be together because they like power. Not to mention A.J. and Lacey, who couldn’t trust one another if they tried.

As a result, the alliances on the show are so all over the place that instead of being unpredictable, the drama just loses its edge.

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The show isn’t, of course, all bad. Don Johnson is absolutely fun to watch. There are plenty of unanswered questions to keep you tuning in. And it’s definitely unpredictable.

Now Blood & Oil just needs to find a way to make us invested in the characters.

Do you think the show can pull off the rest of Season 1 or should ABC cancel the series?

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